Ad Nation Canada 2017

Ad Nation Canada, commissioned by thinktv and executed by Ipsos, set out to do 2 things:

  1. MEASURE the media behaviours and attitudes of the advertising industry to see if / how they might differ from the Canadian public;
  2. ASSESS how well the “industry” understands the behaviours and attitudes of the “public”

What we found is that compared to the Canadian public, we – the advertising industry – are far more prolific when it comes to social media, technology, and premium television, and that those behaviours appear to be influencing our perceptions of the public’s habits.


  • As an industry, we over-estimate the public’s digital content media consumption.
  • While the industry watches less broadcast television than the public, we enjoy appointment viewing for the same reasons as the public.
  • Like many Canadians, we believe that one is ‘most likely’ (vis-à-vis other media) to find advertising that makes brands/products more recognizable, and that stick in memory, on TV.
  • That said, the industry is far more likely than the public to cite social media as the medium where they are ‘most likely’ to find advertising that makes brands recognizable, sticky and attention drawing.

Missed the webinar? Watch the it here on WARC.