Research Reports

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Screen Time by Activity, thinktv, Full Year (2015 – 2016) & Fall 2015
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TV has a Halo Effect on Digital ROI, Accenture, May 2016
Millennial Content: TV vs. YouTube, VAB Report, 2016
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Are You Ready for the Future (of TV)?, MediaCom, April 2016
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Attitudes and Viewing Preferences, thinktv, Nlogic Omnivu Survey, December 2015
TV Effectiveness, Marketshare, Sept 2015
Advertising Engagement, thinktv, Nlogic Omnivu Survey, Fall 2015
Automotive ROI Research, Bell Media & MediaCom, 2015
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Consumer Perspectives on Advertising, ASC Report, 2015
Ad Viewability, VAB Report, 2015
Correlation Between TV Spend & Business Performance, VAB Report, 2015
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Viewing Preferences & Online Synergy, thinktv, Nlogic Omnivu Survey, Dec 2014