TV Ads and Attention

Canadians pay most attention to video advertisements when viewed in TV content on TV sets: Three times more than video ads on Facebook, and nine times more than user-generated content (UGC) viewed on a phone, according to a March 2016 NLogic / omniVu / thinktv survey.

As part of the Survey, 1,000 Canadian adults were asked questions that probed which platform holds the attention of Canadians when it comes to video ads and content. The survey results show that the majority of Canadians prefer to watch TV programming on a TV set – and that that attention extends to ads on TV as well.

Key findings from the study:TV Ads and Attention

  • Canadians pay most attention to video advertising on TV: 3x more than Facebook, and 9x more than UGC on a phone
  • TV is tops for Millennials: Half of the Millennials surveyed (49%) say they pay most attention to video ads on a TV set, compared to only 24% who picked Facebook, 11% who picked UGC on a phone, and a meager 2% who said they pay most attention to video ads within their Twitter feed
  • Bigger is Better: The majority of Canadians pay most attention to TV programming when watching on a TV set (78% of A18+ and 55% of Millennials)
  • Canadians prefer TV as a platform because of the bigger screen size (68%), because it’s more social (42%) and because of the superior picture quality (38%)
  • In fact, 68% of Canadian adults – and 55% of Millennials – have never watched their favourite show on a cell phone
  • Millennial women (W18-34) are most likely to multi-task – 36% more than Millennial men – yet not all Millennials multi-task: 25% of Millennials say they never/almost never use their cell phone while watching TV