TV Effectiveness (MarketShare Report)

In a multi-screen, multi-channel, internet-of-things world, television is a transformed medium in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Consumers have more choices than ever before – and marketers face the increasingly daunting task of investing marketing dollars to maximize sales and ROI.

With the advent of programmatic buying and other digitally-enabled technologies, marketers are shifting more investments to mobile and other digital channels due to their perceived efficiency. The decision of where to invest across different media, however, requires a more complex analysis than most marketers realize, and must take into account a wide range of online, offline and non-media factors that create complex synergies and interactions between different media in an effective marketing plan.

In this new environment, how has the effectiveness of TV advertising changed – and how should marketers consider television in the context of the broader media mix?

Check out MarketShare’s findings in the presentation below.