Target the (Whole) Market to Grow Your Brands

The digital age has brought with it a seemingly endless supply of data and targeting opportunities. But when is a marketing strategy too targeted? And when does a focus on ‘loyal customers’ cease to be a growth strategy but a limiting, or even damaging endeavour?

Byron Sharp famously challenged a number of traditionally held beliefs in his ground-breaking book How Brands Grow (and How Brands Grow: Part 2, 2016). This research study, produced with MediaCom Business Science, reviews some of Byron’s top marketing principles with a media lens.

Click here to watch Kathy Gardner (thinktv) and Seif Khemaissia (MediaCom) explore these principles in a recent Webinar, hosted by the CMA.

Key Marketing Principles:

  • Market Penetration is the most important factor for growth
  • Real sales growth comes from marketing to light and non-buyers
  • Increased Mental Availability drives favourable buying decisions
  • All of the above require extended reach

When media planning against these principles, TV advertising emerges as the best and most effective tool for driving growth, providing direct support to each point through the following benefits:

  1. Advertising on TV is the most effective investment for driving market share
  2. TV helps you reach a wider range of category buyers
  3. TV advertising builds memory structures that influence buying decisions
  4. TV’s cost effective reach is at the heart of a sound media strategy

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