Election Advertising

When either a federal, provincial or municipal election has been called, Telecaster requests the following guidelines to be applied:

  • That either the audio or video portion of the commercial clearly identify – for a minimum of 3 seconds – the person, corporation, trade union, registered party or registered constituency association who is causing the political advertisement to appear.
  • That election commercials comply with all applicable federal and provincial law and in respect of a Federal Election, comply with all Broadcast Guidelines established under the Canada Elections Act.
  • An Indemnity letter from any non-government advertiser, (political parties for example) indemnifying thinktv and stating that the airing of the commercial is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the Province where the commercial is to be aired.

If an election has not been called and a political party is submitting commercials for approval numbers, they must adhere to the Issue and Opinion guidelines.