Public Service Announcements

Telecaster defines a Public Service Announcement (PSA) as an awareness message from a Charitable, Government or Not For Profit organization that informs and educates the viewer about the purpose or mission of the organization. The PSA Message may also invite the viewer to participate in the organization’s fundraising or donation appeal efforts to further the cause of the organization and ultimately benefit the community in some way. Please note that a PSA Message is not a forum for corporate sponsors to advertise or sell their brands or services.

PSA clearance is a two-step process that includes: Registration and PSA Message Review.

1. Registration
The organization (Charitable, Government or Not for Profit) must first register their organization to qualify for PSA Status. The Registration forms may be obtained online or by contacting Telecaster Services.
PSA status will not expire, however, confirmation of not-for-profit or charitable status will be required annually. Telecaster must be made aware of any change in status, should it occur prior to an annual check. Telecaster reserves the right to revoke any Telecaster number previously issued to an organization which no longer qualifies as a registered charity or not-for-profit organization, without further notice.

2. PSA Message Review
After completing step one, the organization may submit their script(s) online for review. Please note that Telecaster will require the final production of the PSA prior to issuing a Telecaster PSA Number. Telecaster PSA Numbers are valid for one year and must be renewed each year along with registration.

The following points outline important content details to be aware of when creating PSA Messages:

  • The name/logo of the organization listed on the Registration Forms must appear at the end of the PSA Message; at minimum in video only, for three continuous seconds and take up ¼ size of the screen vertically.
  • If corporate sponsors will be part of the PSA Message, their identification will be limited to their corporate logo/name and or audio mention of their name. Corporate sponsors may not advertise their brands or services in a PSA Message. Please note that the identification of the registered organization must be more prominent than that of the corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors may be introduced with the following line “with the (generous) support of these sponsors” and not “brought to you by these sponsors.”

3. An Indemnity letter will be required for all Not for Profit organization submissions.