Sexual Innuendo

Sexual Innuendo may not be appropriate for all types of programming and suggested scheduling restrictions may be assigned when necessary. Should a scene or scenes contravene the objectives and/or any of the guidelines, the scene(s) in question must be removed. The examples listed below are for reference purposes only and are not limited to the following examples:

a. A commercial must not contain explicit sexual acts.

b. There must be no voyeurism and must not contain any close-ups that focus on private body parts; e.g.: buttocks, breasts and/or crotches.

c. There must be no self-stimulation; e.g.: no rubbing of breasts, buttocks and/or crotches.

d. Commercials for adult store/sex toys should not demonstrate products in the use for which they were intended. Depending on the nature of the product, visuals may be restricted to wide pan shots inside the store with no product names, logos, or trademarks visible. An appropriate scheduling restriction will be applied depending on the nature of the commercial.