commercial broadcasters unite on net billing

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thinktv, on behalf of its member companies Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, IndieNet, Corus Entertainment, Quebecor Media Group, and Rogers Media, have announced their commitment to end gross-net invoicing by the end of 2019.

thinktv President and CEO Catherine MacLeod said the member companies were fully aligned on the initiative, remarking that “thinktv works to help advertisers and agencies get the best out of television on all its platforms – and an important part of that work is to improve the processes by which television is purchased”.

Over the next 15 months, thinktv will work with member companies, agencies and advertisers to ensure a smooth transition to net billing. From rate cards and agreements to software and invoices, each element of the process will be updated to reflect net rates.

Alan Dark, Chair, thinktv Board of Directors and SVP, Sales, Rogers Media said: “Working with thinktv, the broadcasters are combining their efforts to make things easier for our customers. Simply put, gross-net billing no longer aligns with the commercial arrangements of most agencies and advertisers in our market. Eliminating this unnecessary complication increases work flow efficiency and improves transparency for everyone involved. This is a great first step with more to come.”