top holiday ads from around the world (2021)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Advertisers are back in full force we’re delighted to see TV play such a strong part in their media plans this season: TV ad spend is up and the creative is compelling.

Here are some of our favourite 2021 holiday ads from around the world:

There’s lots to love about this ad for Dutch online retailer, from the twist on a classic to the Cyndi Lauper soundtrack to the surprise ending, this commercial is brand building at its best.

The Norwegian postal service employed a more serious tone with their beautiful spot “When Harry Met Santa.” Celebrating 50 years since the country decriminalized same-sex relationships, the spot chronicles the growing relationship between Santa and a hopeful suitor. #loveislove

In the UK, Aldi has taken over from John Lewis as the “top UK Christmas ad” with their take on the classic Scrooge tale, this time starring “Ebanana” (& Kevin the Carrot, of course!). We thought the alien love story in the John Lewis spot was sweet, but felt the use of character, story and nostalgia* in the Aldi spot was just more delicious (*and would no doubt be Orlando Wood-approved).

Coca-Cola developed another global holiday TV spot this year, this time centered around a boy’s ambitious chimney plans and the spirit of togetherness, while FAANG companies Amazon and Apple both launched big TV holiday campaigns (the latter directed by Canadian superstars Ivan Reitman and son Jason Reitman).

Canada also produced some excellent holiday commercials: Our two favourites are the Ikea Canada toe-tapping, Bollywood-inspired creative from Rethink, and the President’s Choice spot that manages to promote the PC® Insiders Report™ and plenty of products, while still being highly engaging (also a toe-tapper, thanks to the Backstreet Boys beat!).

The holidays are a magical time of the year, and we love seeing brands rising to the occasion.