online talk with Mark Ritson


Reinventing efficient marketing through a recession

Mark Ritson –  brand consultant, marketing professor, columnist, and thinktv’s most requested speaker – is back to talk about marketing during a recession.

thinktv has partnered with egta and The Global TV Group to bring you an Online Talk where Mark will share valuable insights with an international group of advertising professionals.

During this webinar, Mark will touch upon several pertinent questions, including:

  • In a post-COVID 19 world where confinement has acted as an accelerator for existing trends and changes, how can marketers grow their brands and increase their sales, while offering a better user experience and possibly contributing to a better society? 
  • Are TV companies – as providers of total video solutions – ideally positioned to accompany them on this route?

Have a question for Mark? Stay tuned for the live Q&A following the presentation.

TUESDAY SEPT 22 @ 8:30am EST

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Marketing & Branding Expert, Columnist, Consultant and Virtual Marketing Professor

Mark Ritson is one of the most respected – and entertaining – marketing experts in the world. As a consultant he has worked with high profile brands including Johnson & Johnson, Sephora, Subaru and LVMH. He’s worked as a Professor of Marketing at some of the best known business schools including Melbourne Business School, the University of Minnesota and the London Business School, and is currently teaching his own “Mini MBA” course, preparing future branding experts for a diverse and ever-changing role. He writes a weekly column for Marketing Week and contributes articles to other academic journals such as Harvard Business Review and Australia’s Business Review Weekly.