upfronts 2019


  • May 14th, 5-8pm
    Québecor, Montréal
  • May 14th, 12 pm
    TV5 & Unis TV, Montréal
  • May 15th, 5-8pm
    Québecor, Montréal
  • May 21st
    Groupe V Média, Montréal
  • May 22nd, multiple daytime events
    Québecor, Toronto
  • May 22nd, lunch time
    Télé-Quebec, Québéc City
  • May 23rd, 12 pm
    TV5 & Unis TV Upfront, Toronto
  • May 27th (week of), multiple daytime events
    CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média, Montréal
  • May 28th
    Groupe V Média, Toronto
  • May 28th, 5-8pm
    Québecor, Québec City
  • May 28th, 12pm (with Airtime Sales)
    Télé-Quebec, Toronto
  • May 29th
    CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média, Toronto
  • May 30th, breakfast presentation
    indieNET, Toronto
  • Month of May, Agency Tour
    Télé-Quebec, Montréal



  • June 3rd
    Corus, Toronto
  • June 5th, afternoon event
    Télé-Quebec, Montréal
  • June 5th, evening event
    CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média, Québec City
  • June 6th
    Bell Media, Toronto
  • June 10th, 3pm
    Corus, Calgary, DJD Theatre
  • June 11th, 3pm
    Corus, Vancouver Fairmont Pacific Rim
  • June 11th
    Bell Media Edmonton, Edmonton
  • June 11th
    Groupe V Média, Québec City
  • June 13th, 4pm
    Corus, Edmonton, the Royal Alberta Museum
  • June 13th, breakfast event
    Corus, Montréal
  • June 19th
    Blue Ant Media, Toronto
  • Month of June, Agency Tour
    Télé-Quebec, Montréal