world tv day

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TV professionals around the world celebrate World Television Day on November 21st. As part of the annual United Nations initiative, a 30 second spot will be shown by broadcasters on air and online across the globe.

The topic of this year’s global celebration is the importance and impact of quality content. The outstanding quality of TV content is reflected in how this proven medium has the unmatched capacity to entertain, inspire and inform viewers, across all platforms – thanks to significant investment in programming.

In Canada alone, broadcasters’ investment in TV programming is $4.3 Billion (2017); $2.85 Billion of that in Canadian productions. Globally, that figure soars to $140 Billion.

In addition to being a brand-safe environment for advertisers, TV’s quality content helps viewers broaden their minds beyond the everyday: it entertains; it unites scores of people through live programming, such as the recent World Cup, which reached 3.4 billion people globally; it informs viewers through in-depth news broadcasts, and provides learning through quality children’s programming and insightful documentaries.

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