service fees

thinktv Clearance Service Fees

Service Description Fee*
No Rush Standard turnaround for initial review is within 1-3 business days. No cost
Rush – 4 Hours 1 review within 4 business hours $75.00
Express – 2 Hours 1 review within 2 business hours $150.00
Panic – 1 Hour 1 review within 1 business hour $300.00
Rush Squared – 2 Hours 2 reviews within 2 business hours. The first review will be conducted within 2 business hours, as will the second review when the submission is updated. All subsequent updates will not be treated as a rush and will be reviewed under standard updated status turnaround times. Note: after your first two-hour review, any update made to the submission, including modifying a field or attaching a new comment/file will trigger the second two-hour rush review. We recommend only updating the submission when you need the second two-hour review. $350.00
Ultimate – 1 Hour The first review and all subsequent updates are reviewed within 1 business hour. $950.00
Tech Revision A review within 30 minutes (business hours only). Applies to technical revisions only and the original Submission ID must be referenced. $200.00
Online Gaming TV Applies to online gaming ads for private gaming operators only (real gaming and free play). $450.00 flat fee
Online Gaming Radio Applies to online gaming ads for private gaming operators only (real gaming only). $250.00 flat fee
Infomercial Applies to long format Infomercials over 12 minutes in length only. $14.00 per program minute

*All fees are in CAD and applicable taxes apply. Fees are per submission. Payment by credit card only. No invoicing.