TV has a Halo Effect on Digital ROI

This Accenture study, commissioned by ABC Network, found that Multi-Platform TV Advertising (liner TV + VOD) boosts search, display and short-form video ad performance.

The study analysed $12 Billion of marketing spend over a three year period, across 20 national brands and 6 categories in the US.

Key Findings include:

  • Multiplatform TV advertising amplifies search, display, and short-form video ad performance. The study found that TV lifts Digital ROI by 22% and that Digital’s average ROI would decline -18% without the benefits of multiplatform video.
  • Sales response curves flatten earlier and faster, with greater diminishing returns with Digital spend that Multiplatform TV. If more than 4% of TV spend is reallocated to search, display and short-form video, total ROI and brand sales are put at risk.
  • Multi-platform TV drives short-term and long-term brand awareness and sales. TV drives sales in Year 1, and the incremental effect for Year 2 and Year 3 is 1.3x of that of Year 1, with total impact of 2.3x across the 3 years.
  • The most effective Digital environment is Broadcaster long-form video content, outperforming display, search and short-form video. Long-form video ROI is 1.6X that of short-form video, and also generates more in sales per dollar than short-form video.

Marketers who leverage data and analytics through cross channel attribution modelling capitalize on the inherent value of Television to drive ROI.

TV has a Halo Effect on Digital ROI