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ad stock

A TV spot’s adstock – essentially its advertising effectiveness – grows the fastest and lasts the longest.

advertising revenue by media

Net Ad Volume in Canada including Television, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, Magazine and OOH.

attention in advertising

What’s the best way to get your brand noticed? An overview of Canadians’ attitudes towards advertising across a variety of media platforms.

boomers' billions

Adults 55+ represent a significant segment of the population – and an even bigger portion of the spending power. If you’re not targeting older adults, you’re leaving money on the table.

the impact of tv advertising

TV’s strength comes from its extensive reach, superior ability to attract attention, and it’s long-lasting impact on the consumer.

online businesses on tv

Digital companies know that TV works! Learn more in this report.

reach your target with tv

Advertising reach is fundamental to any media plan. Find out where Canadians are spending their time and why TV advertising provides the greatest opportunity to reach them.

screen time

How Canadians spend their media time, from television to YouTube to social media.

spotlight on Quebec

Quebec is a unique market, with its own language, sense of culture—and media habits. These three presentations will provide an overview of the Quebec Franco media landscape, a snapshot of marketing opportunities in Quebec, and a collection of insights into what resonates with this group.

total tv & streaming viewership

Want to know who is winning “the streaming wars”, what the reach is for the individual services, and – most importantly – how they compare to Total TV (linear TV + BVOD)? Get all the details in our latest TV & Streaming Viewership report.

trust in tv advertising

When compared to other media, Canadians trust TV advertising most.

tv's FAQs

Find the answers to the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about TV.

tv's winning formula

Despite changes in today’s evolving media landscape, TV continues to be the most effective advertising medium available to brands. Find the details behind TV’s winning formula in this short but informative deck.

tv viewing: live vs. playback

The bulk of TV viewing is live — and more stats on PVR usage in Canada.

the value of tv news

Canadian news is not just great for Canadians, it’s great for advertisers: TV news programming has broad reach, is highly trusted, and is a proven vehicle for effective advertising.