ad stock

The Ad Stock of a TV spot grows the fastest and lasts the longest.

advertising revenue by media

Net Ad Volume in Canada including Television, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, Magazine and OOH.

boomers' billions

We consistently underestimate the opportunity that baby boomers represent for brands. Might you be leaving money on the table?

demand creation (& ROI)

TV has the highest relative lift factor on business incomes, and delivers up to 7x the ROI of other media. Get all the details in this fast fact report.

the impact of tv advertising

Your ad is most likely to be watched on TV. This report explains why.

the importance of reach

The importance of reach in a marketing plan can not be understated. Find out where Canadians are spending time, and why TV plays a vital role.

online businesses on tv

Digital companies continue to increase spend in TV.


live tv & pvr playback viewing

A review of PVR penetration, usage, and the dominance of live TV viewing.


screen test: the appeal & popularity of the tv screen

In a world of choice, the TV screen is the favourite screen.

screen time

An overview of time spent across media, from TV and YouTube to social media.

spotlight on quebec

An overview of the similarities and differences between Canada’s English & French markets – and why it’s such a great environment for your TV ad dollars.

trust in media

Compared to other media, Canadians say TV advertising is the most trusted.

the truth about multitasking

Did you know that the majority of Canadians either don’t multitask on their phone while watching TV, or do so only occasionally?

tv's FAQs

Find the answers to the most common Frequently Asked Questions (and misconceptions) about TV.