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reach more people more effectively through tv advertising

Through research, success stories, and more, we’ll show you the effectiveness of TV advertising and how it can work for you.

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the attention revolution

thinktv is thrilled to be sponsoring Karen Nelson-Field’s presentation at the Future TV conference – Karen’s ground-breaking research is helping brands maximize media effectiveness by focusing on attention. On Sept 29 she’ll answer questions like: How do platforms compare? Why do they differ in how much attention they can deliver? and How can a new measurement be integrated into existing planning systems?  Hope to see you there.

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thinktv presents

Industry experts, essential research, and info-packed webinars: Check out our thinktv presents page for a collection of valuable presentations.

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countdown to Christmas

What do distinctive assets, fluent devices, “betweenness” and soundtracks have in common? They’re all elements that can improve the impact of your creative.

If you missed our live presentation with System1’s Jon Evans, watch it now and find out what the top rated holiday TV commercial was in Canada last year, why it resonated, and how to maximize your creative for business success.

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common industry segments

June 2021: 7 new segments have been added to the list of common industry segments bringing the total to 26. New segments include First in Line, Health and Beauty Sampler, and Technophiles. A list of the updated audience segments, along with their descriptions, is available for download now.

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marketing in uncertain times

This is a challenging time for brands: Business is decidedly not-as-usual, and advertisers are likely facing pressures to reduce marketing costs. However, research consistently shows that cutting ad spend comes at a high cost to brand health and business results in the long-term.

To that end we have put together a collection of insights from industry experts to help you navigate in this uncertain time, and to ensure that the brand decisions you make today set you up for success tomorrow.

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how we help

Learn how the latest audience trends are impacting TV advertising.

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thinktv presents

Check out our collection of presentations from industry experts.

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Find out about all the industry events we`re hosting or participating in.

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thinktv clearance

We clear commercials, infomercials, and public service announcements for agencies and advertisers.

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power of tv

In an attention economy, TV’s unparalleled reach and strong emotional connection make it the most effective and efficient advertising medium.

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tv basics

An in-your-pocket guide of Canada’s television market.

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fast facts

At-a-glace insights on topics such as advertising impact, media habits, and more.

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ad nation

Developed with Ipsos Canada, this research outlines how the media habits of those in the advertising and media communities differ from the rest of Canada, and how those differences skew our assumptions of general media usage.

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the 10 key factors driving advertising effectiveness

In this highly engaging and informative talk, Ritson outlines the top factors that drive advertising effectiveness, gleaned from a review of almost 6,000 Effie case studies.

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Canadian media attribution study

This thinktv-commissioned research assessed $700M+ of media spend in Canada, covering 105 brands across four verticals. It clearly underscores the ways different advertising channels impact sales, how that varies by industry, and how TV and digital work together.

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