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Through research, success stories, and more, we’ll show you the effectiveness of TV advertising and how it can work for you.

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tv in a pandemic

Our new report TV in a Pandemic, developed in partnership with Ipsos, outlines Canadians’ perceptions about television, advertising, and buying behaviour. The research reveals the top reasons for watching TV (it’s not just news!), who Canadians trust, and – importantly for advertisers – their attitudes towards trying new brands and the media that’s most likely to influence them.

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behavioural science & effective advertising

Watch Richard Shotton, author of the acclaimed book The Choice Factory, share key learnings for marketers gleaned from behavioural science and tailored to the current crisis, including how life changes – like the coronavirus pandemic – put buying behaviour in flux, presenting an opportunity for marketers.

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the COVID-19 crisis calls for right brain thinking

Watch Orlando Wood’s fascinating presentation about advertising effectiveness, left- and right-brain thinking, and what ads are resonating during the current crisis.

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marketing in uncertain times

This is a challenging time for brands: Business is decidedly not-as-usual, and advertisers are likely facing pressures to reduce marketing costs. However, research consistently shows that cutting ad spend comes at a high cost to brand health and business results in the long-term.

To that end we have put together a collection of insights from industry experts to help you navigate in this uncertain time, and to ensure that the brand decisions you make today set you up for success tomorrow.

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staying safe and tuning in

As Canadians shelter at home in greater numbers, television audiences continue to grow. To keep up with what’s happening with viewership as the COVID-19 crisis evolves, check out our TV viewing reports.

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advertising in a downturn revisited

Peter Field – “the Godfather of Effectiveness” – wrote a seminal paper about advertising in a recession called “Advertising in a Downturn”; on April 21st, Peter broke down his latest research into what lessons from previous recessions still resonate today and how brands should act during the Coronavirus crisis.

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how we help

Learn how the latest audience trends are impacting TV advertising.

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thinktv presents

Check out our collection of presentations from industry experts.

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Find out about all the industry events we`re hosting or participating in.

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thinktv clearance

We clear commercials, infomercials, and public service announcements for agencies and advertisers.

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watch now

This special thinktv event featured some of marketing’s biggest thinkers, including Peter Field, Orlando Wood, and industry favourite Mark Ritson. Watch the videos now for three eye-opening perspectives on advertising effectiveness – and why embracing creative could be the key to unlocking the effectiveness advantage.

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Accenture white paper

Key insights from The Canadian Media Attribution Study:

  • Canadian companies can justify an increase in their overall media spend
  • Major brands are underinvesting in TV in Canada
  • TV has a significant halo effect on digital media
  • TV provides strongest upside on the next dollar spent
  • There is untapped value in long form digital video content (LFVC) in Canada

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power of tv

In an attention economy, TV’s unparalleled reach and strong emotional connection make it the most effective and efficient advertising medium.

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tv basics

An in-your-pocket guide of Canada’s television market.

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fast facts

At-a-glace insights on topics such as advertising impact, media habits, and more.

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culture, brains & ads that speak to us

Dan Iwasa-Madge from Brainsights focused on the interplay of culture and storytelling.

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spotlight on Québec

The media habits of French-speaking Canadians.

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ad nation

Our differences in media habits are skewing our perceptions of national averages. Find out why marketers must look beyond their own media habits.

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target the (whole) market to grow your brand

Based on Byron Sharp’s ground-breaking book How Brands Grow, in this research report we review some of Byron’s top marketing principles and challenge the effectiveness of narrow targeting.

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news & opinions

marketing during a crisis

Marketing during a crisis: a collection of expert advice

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fall updates 2020

Fall TV Network Presentations.

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In Case You Missed It – Headlines from week ending May 29th.

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