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reach more people more effectively through tv advertising

Through research, success stories, and more, we’ll show you the effectiveness of TV advertising and how it can work for you.

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Learn how the latest audience trends are impacting TV advertising.

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thinktv presents

Check out our collection of presentations from industry experts.

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training & education

Our course on media buying and planning will help you better understand all that TV advertising has to offer.

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thinktv clearance

We clear commercials, infomercials, and public service announcements for agencies and advertisers.

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research launch event

Join us we share the findings from this first-of-its-kind-in-Canada attribution study

This Accenture research, commissioned by thinktv, assessed $700M+ of media spend in Canada, covering 105 brands across four verticals. The study highlights issues with current media plans, and the small shift that could drive billions in additional revenue for brands.

Monday, Feb 25 @ 3pm, Toronto

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power of tv in an attention economy

Today’s Marketers are stretched like never before, balancing a need for quarterly results with a mandate for long term brand growth, all while tackling a technology explosion and new advertising opportunities.
When consumers’ media habits are expanding faster than your advertising budgets, where do you concentrate your resources?
Included in the latest version of The Power of TV in an Attention Economy:

  • Where Canadians are spending their time – and who is capturing their attention
  • The dangers of short-termism, the importance of brand-building, and how to get the balance right
  • A results-drive approach to advertising and media efficiency

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media, marketing & disruption

On October 24, thinktv hosted Media, Marketing & Disruption, an event featuring an impressive collection of industry experts, covering topics from the rapidly evolving advertising industry to the effectiveness of media in a multi-platform world.

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profit ability: the business case for advertising

We all want to know our advertising is working, and the more proof the better.

Enter “Profit Ability”, a study that analyzes over 2,000 advertising campaigns across 11 categories to uncover the impact that different forms of advertising have on both short-term profit, and the long-term, to determine advertising’s total contribution to the bottom line. Nick Manning breaks it down.

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spotlight on Quebec

While the media habits of French-speaking Canadians are similar to English Canada, Quebecois have a particularly strong connection with TV:

  • they watch more television than the average Canadian
  • they are passionate about home-grown content and their local teams
  • and paid TV subscriptions in Quebec are *up* from 2010

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you're in the ad industry. you're not normal.

Compared to the Canadian public, advertising professionals are more urban, skew younger – and have very different media habits. Why does that matter? In this business we must know audiences, and it turns out our differences are skewing our perceptions of their media behaviour. Read the full report to find out why marketers must look beyond their own media habits.

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power of tv

In an attention economy, TV’s unparalleled reach and strong emotional connection make it the most effective and efficient advertising medium.

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tv basics

An in-your-pocket guide of Canada’s television market.

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fast facts

At-a-glace insights on topics such as advertising impact, media habits, and more.

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target the (whole) market to grow your brand

Based on Byron Sharp’s ground-breaking book How Brands Grow, in this research report we review some of Byron’s top marketing principles and challenge the effectiveness of narrow targeting.

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news & opinions

Canadian media attribution study

A first-of-it’s kind in Canada attribution study.

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In Case You Missed It – Headlines from week ending December 14th

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articles of note

Note-worthy articles about television, advertising, marketing, and more.

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