Issue and Opinion Advertising

Telecaster will rule on the acceptability of commercials from governments, corporations, associations, or individuals when such advertising attempts to sway public opinion on an issue under public debate or of public controversy.

The ability to purchase and pay for commercial time cannot be the only criteria in accepting announcements which advocate a particular point of view on an issue of public concern, or on a government, political or social policy.

Each commercial will be judged individually on its own merit. Telecaster suggests that any advertiser who is uncertain of the acceptability of any commercial component should submit a script or storyboard prior to producing the commercial. Telecaster numbers which have been issued that fall under this category, will expire the day an election is called — whether federal, provincial, or municipal.

All commercials in this category must meet the following criteria:

  • The advertising must not appear to be intentionally deceptive, erroneous or misleading.
  • If claims are being made, Telecaster will require an Attestation letter from the advertiser stating that all claims are true, that they assume all responsibility for these claims and an
    Indemnity Letter from any non-government advertiser, (political parties for example) indemnifying thinktv and stating that the airing of the commercial is in compliance with all applicable law in the Province where the commercial is to be aired.
  • The points of view expressed must be clearly identified as the opinions belonging to the advertiser.

The advertiser has two options for identification:

  • The advertiser must be clearly identified in both the audio and video portions. The audio disclaimer and video super must be preceded by one of the following: “these are the opinions of,” “opinions expressed are those of,” “message brought to you by,” “brought to you by,” “sponsored by” or a similar statement.


  • The advertiser must be clearly identified in video only. The video super indicating the advertiser name must be clear, prominent, on screen for at least 3 continuous seconds and must occupy 1/4 of the screen size (vertically). The video super indicating the advertiser name must also be preceded by one of the following statements listed above such as “Message brought to you by” and the statement must remain on screen for the same 3 second duration as the video super indicating the advertiser name.

For election advertising, each commercial must comply with the all federal and provincial law. If an election has not been called, political party and third-party advertising may be considered Issue & Opinion advertising. The message must meet all legal, regulatory and Telecaster requirements.