Rating Code Guideline

“All” Commercials, Infomercials and Public Service Announcements (PSA) will receive a rating code upon approval.  The rating of each Commercial, Infomercial and PSA is the responsibility of Telecaster. The rating code letter will appear after the dash of the Telecaster Approval Number, for example C169PH01-G.

Commercials must accurately reflect the subject matter/content of the movie, video, video game, product or service being advertised. A script may be requested if the audio is not distinct or if foreign language words are used in which case a translation will be requested.  Gratuitous violence or scenes that sanction, promote or glamorize violence will not be acceptable.

For video games, each commercial will receive a rating code based on commercial content and we will require the ESRB rating code that has been assigned to the game before a number can be issued. Consistent with ESRB practices, all video-game related commercials must include both audio and video mentions of the ESRB rating code. If the game is not rated, we may request the product to ensure the commercial accurately reflects the content of the game.

Advertisers not satisfied with Telecaster’s decision may send a written appeal to the Manager, Telecaster Services. The commercial may be reviewed by an appeals committee whose decision is final.

Rating Code and Content

C-Child Directed Advertising

Advertising directed to children as defined in The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children (Children’s Code).Advertising to children in Quebec is prohibited. Please contact a Francophone Telecaster Analyst for further explanation on this topic.

G-General Audience

Commercial content is suitable for all viewers and will appeal to many people of different ages and tastes. There is little or no violence (physical, verbal, emotional); there may be scenes of adventure /fantasy violence (non-realistic or historical violence, non-bloodletting), mild language, and romantic involvement which is not sexually explicit.

M/PG-Parental Guidance

Commercial content reflects a theme suitable for mature audiences and may contain some background or non-detailed scenes of realistic violence (physical, fantasy, supernatural), horror, terror or sexual activity (nudity is unacceptable). Content may have mildly suggestive language (use of profane language is unacceptable).

Examples include; explosion scenes in the background in which no one is shown getting hurt, kissing scenes that are intimate but not the main focus of the commercial, or a dramatic car chase scene with gunfire but no one is shown getting hurt.

P9/14+ (Viewers 14 and Over)

Commercial content is suitable for viewers 14 years of age and older and may contain more detailed scenes of violence (physical, fantasy, supernatural), horror, terror or sexual activity. The content may deal with mature themes and societal issues in a realistic manner. Scenes may be accentuated with special horrifying sound effects (screams, creaking doors etc); quick flash cuts of the topics listed above that set a tone of horror and fear. Nudity and profane language are unacceptable.

Examples include; horror and action movies that have many scenes of horror and violence, people being shot at with a gun, fight scenes with multiple punches and kicks that make contact with other people in the scene, an intense kissing scene that takes over the commercial as the main focus (same sex kissing as well as heterosexual kissing) and scenes that build on sexual innuendo such as a couple coming out of an airplane washroom together in a way that implies some form of sexual activity may have been going on.

P11/18+ (Viewers 18 and Over)

Commercial content reflects a theme suitable for adult audiences only. The rating is reserved for commercials that show more extreme scenes of violence, horror, terror or sexual innuendo. Nudity and profane language are unacceptable.

Examples include; commercials that promote videos for extreme fighting/wrestling or extreme sports/stunts where people are getting seriously injured from a stunt that went wrong or from the action in the fight. Showing someone being set on fire or killed is not acceptable. A commercial/infomercial for an adult chat line service or adult video may also fall under this rating.