The Spectrum of Attention & Connection in Video Advertising

Advertising is about grabbing attention, but when it comes to engagement, eyeballs are only part of the story. Connection and memorability also play crucial roles in creating unforgettable brand moments. That’s why how we pay attention – where and what we watch – is a much more important question for advertisers to consider than how much attention we pay.

A new study from Brainsights and thinktv takes a deeper look at the connections made – and the moments missed – on both large screens (TV) and small screens (laptops and mobile devices). What was discovered is:

A screen’s features and usage have a profound effect on what we take away from what we see.

What does that mean for advertisers? It’s simple: If ads are not on the right screen, viewers will miss crucial brand-building moments and the message lost. The good news is that TV is the most versatile medium of all the video platforms; one that drives engagement in a number of key creative formats, including:

Viewers were more receptive to story-driven ads when they watched them on television. Why? Because TV is the main channel for engaging with that kind of content. TV’s larger screen helps the audience pick up on rapidly changing themes and text, elaborate storylines, subtle visual cues and more.

Visually Complex Ads
Viewers were better able to connect with visually intensive content – including landscapes and wide shots of people – when they watched it on TV. A bigger, high-definition screen enables total engagement. On the wrong screen, emotional impact is lost, resulting in less attention and connection with viewers.

Brand-Focused Ads
Brand-focused ads are right at home on TV, where they drive higher attention and connection than the same ads on laptops and mobile screens.