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The Canadian Media Directors’ Council launches the Canadian Media Manifesto

We are fortunate to have a fair and rigorous news industry in Canada, from local newspapers and radio stations to national TV networks – Canadians reporting on the issues that affect Canadians, every day of the year. Local news is good for democracy, diversity, and the economy. It’s good for Canada.

But without the support of the Canadian advertising community, the future of local news is far from guaranteed.

The reality is that Canadian news media is under significant pressure. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 51 publications have closed (48 of which were community newspapers), and 2,500 journalists have lost their jobs. Between 2008 and April 1, 2021, 448 news operations closed in 323 communities – a growing number of communities are news deserts, and every week more Canadian media jobs are lost. As a result, trusted local news, journalist jobs, and our ability to reach and inform Canadians are at risk.

But advertisers can help: Advertising is critical to a robust media system; it funds important investments in Canadian jobs and local news.

And so the Canadian Media Manifesto was born. CMDC President, Shannon Lewis, says the Canadian Media Manifesto aims to unite leaders in the media industry to drive home the message that Canadian media matters: “We are not asking advertisers to invest only in Canadian platforms, we are asking them to understand and to share the gain from the universal and sustainable benefits of a strong, sustainable Canadian media ecosystem.”

Stuart Garvie, CMDC Chair and CEO GroupM, adds “As an industry, our priority needs to be to support and protect a strong media ecosystem in Canada; this requires intentional local investment and support for Canadian publishers and platforms—with a strong focus on diversity and responsible journalism. A healthy Canadian media ecosystem supports the economy, fosters responsible media, and gives our clients more opportunity to connect with engaged and diverse Canadian audiences.”

thinktv is a proud supporter of the Canadian Media Manifesto – Reach Canadian consumers through Canadian media.

Let’s Protect What’s Ours

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