étude d’attribution des médias canadiens

We brought the French launch of The Moneyball Moment for Marketing in Canada (Canadian media attribution study) to Montreal on June 19th.

We shared the findings from this important piece of research including key takeaways on how to maximize the yield of your media investments.


download the Accenture presentation          download Le Pouvoir De La Télé 


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about the speaker

Sylvain Amoros is a digital entrepreneur and media geek with close to 20 years of experience under his belt. In 2005, he founded his first company, Teksteel, which specialized in search engine marketing and digital analytics.

His second company, Konversion, was founded in 2012. Konversion was an agency specialized in digital media and programmatic advertising. Konversion was acquired by Accenture in 2018.

Sylvain now leads Accenture Interactive’s branch in Montreal and is responsible for digital media throughout Canada. With a joint background in both digital analytics and digital media, Sylvain has twofold approach to projects. “From a data standpoint, I’m a customer experience curator: I try to connect customers to brands in hyper-personalized ways. From a media standpoint, I try to be a growth hacker, leading fast and relentless experimentation across marketing channels to optimize activity and unlock growth.”