future tv advertising forum 2018

At this year’s Future TV conference we heard from brand, agency & broadcast thought leaders as they addressed topics like short- versus long-term strategies, TV measurement, targeting and media ROI.

Below please find the presentations and follow-up articles made available to us:

Key Speakers Included:

Topics covered in the presentations:

  • Is advertising being treated as a cost centre rather than a growth engine?
  • Has an overemphasis on targeted media created a brand health crisis in Canada?
  • Should marketers be re-evaluating their balance of digital and TV / short- and long-term strategies?
  • What are the implications of total TV measurement, and the potential impact of a single TV-based currency?
  • How will new data collaborations enhance television’s competitive offering?
  • What’s the demand for a targeted TV solution – and how do we ensure its effectiveness?