Look out.


Fan Favourite Orlando Wood returns to the thinktv (virtual) stage to present his new book Look out.

We all seem to be paying more attention to attention these days – and rightly so: If your advertising isn’t attracting attention, it’s not driving results.

In this follow-up to his critically acclaimed book Lemon, Wood argues that to create effective and memorable advertising, advertisers must capture the ‘broad beam’ attention of audiences. Wood suggests that society’s attention has narrowed in the digital age – but he has some ideas to get it back.

Look out is a guidebook for creating advertising that’s effective, creative, and most of all builds brands. In this presentation, Orlando will identify techniques that can be used to capture attention and drive lasting business effects.

An essential presentation for advertisers and their agencies, be sure to join us Nov 16 for what will no doubt be both an informative and entertaining talk.

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Chief Innovation Officer, System1 Group

Orlando Wood is Chief Innovation Officer of the System1 Group and member of the IPA’s Advisory Board. Co-author of System1, Unlocking Profitable Growth, his research on advertising draws on psychology and how the brain works. His work has influenced thinking and practice in the research, marketing and advertising, winning him awards from the AMA, ARF, MRS, ISBA, Jay Chiat and ESOMAR.

Orlando led the IPA’s Creativity and Effectiveness research for Effectiveness Week in 2018 and 2019, and is the author of a new IPA publication on changes in advertising styles, Lemon.


Look out., the new book by Orlando Wood, is a guide to advertising that’s effective, creative, and most of all builds brands.

In the wake of technological change, says Look out, society is on an “inward turn”. Orlando brings together evidence and ideas from art, neuroscience, philosophy and history to show why that’s a problem and what advertisers can do about it.

Orlando’s Lemon was one of the most influential marketing books of the last few years. Look out takes that work much further – if Lemon was the diagnosis, Look Out is the treatment plan.