media effectiveness in Canada


a TV playbook for online brands in Canada

e-Commerce has exploded over the past few years, with new direct-to-consumer brands launching all the time. The entry point into advertising for most online businesses is in online channels – using search, social media, display – but that only takes them so far; eventually, most hit a ceiling, and when that happens, TV advertising offers an opportunity to take their business to the next level.

In this webinar, Dr. Grace Kite and Sarah Stallwood will unveil the results of a brand-new econometric study, conducted by Magic Numbers, that tracks the effect of TV on a number of Canadian online businesses: The increase in website visits, the types of online journeys TV initiates, and the role TV plays in improving SEM outcomes. Grace will also share advice from top marketers who have been through this journey.

metrics that matter: a Canadian brand lift study

TV has been proven to drive a range of businesses results, from top of the funnel brand building to bottom funnel sales activations. In this study, we’ve tracked how TV advertising impacts a variety of critical brand metrics, like Awareness, Consideration and Impression.

Dan Iwasa-Madge, Data Storyteller and Founder of Data/Story Inc., presents our latest findings on advertising and brand lift – powered by YouGov’s BrandIndex research – with a focus on a variety of different categories including QSR, Auto, Financial, Travel and Food Delivery.



Founder & Economist, Magic Numbers

With more than 20 years’ experience, Dr. Grace Kite is a business economist who’s worked on more than 120 econometrics projects across all the main advertising buying categories. In each of these categories, she has developed deep knowledge on market trends and the true nature of competition.

Grace is a columnist at marketing week and WARC and a regular speaker on marketing effectiveness. With over 4,000 social media followers, she now appears alongside the likes of Mark Ritson and Les Binet. She believes that knowledge that arises from effectiveness analysis doesn’t get fed back to the people that plan campaigns often enough. Her writing and talks set out to ‘lift the lid’ in a way that normal people can understand.

After earning a PhD in Economics, Grace took on increasingly senior roles at Mindshare, Millward Brown, Holmes & Cook, Mediacom, PHD and OMD. In 2010 she founded the business now known as magic numbers.

Her work has led to twelve IPA Effectiveness award winners plus a Cannes Grand Prix. She was a technical judge for the 2020 IPA awards, and will judge for WARC in 2021.


COO & Economist, Magic Numbers

As an economist with over 20 years experience, Sarah Stallwood has delivered econometric projects for worldwide brands, across all sectors. Across her career, Sarah has worked client side, within media agencies and in independent econometrics agencies. Her work has earned IPA, Marketing Week and Media Week awards for marketing effectiveness.

Sarah’s specialism comes from working with brands to help them integrate econometric insights and outcomes into their business strategy; understanding the impact of marketing and non-marketing factors and working to engage key stakeholders to use econometrics to drive growth.


Data Storyteller / Consultant, Founder Data/Story Inc.

Dan Iwasa-Madge led product and analysis at Brainsights, managed the team that creates powerful visuals and actionable insights for Brainsights’ clients. Dan has experience in both the academic and advertising agency worlds, having led Advanced Analytics at one of the largest media agencies in Canada, collaborated with global centers of excellence on international analytics initiatives for the likes of Procter and Gamble, Revlon and CIBC, and provided data strategy consultancy services to a variety of brands and agencies.