media, marketing & disruption

thinktv is pleased to announce our next event, Media, Marketing & Disruption, which will cover topics from the rapidly evolving advertising industry to the effectiveness of media in a multi-platform world.


Wednesday October 24th, 1pm – 6pm


St James Cathedral, 65 Church St., Toronto

keynote speaker

FRENEMIES: Winners and Losers in the Advertising Wars
Our keynote speaker is New York Times bestselling author, Ken Auletta, who will share insights from his latest book, Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and everything else). Auletta is a contributing writer at The New Yorker and author of 11 books, including Googled. In this speech, Auletta examines the age of disruption from the perspective of advertising’s most powerful players, and through the lens of the “frenemy” relationships now shaping the industry’s future.

Advertising Effectiveness in Context

We’re excited to welcome back Peter Field, marketing consultant and effectiveness expert, who will be sharing the results of his new research paper Effectiveness in Context, co-authored with Les Binet. This new report explores the damage being done as companies increasingly cut long-term brand investment in favour of short-term sales activation, and highlights how the “60/40 rule” changes depending on the context.


Optimizing Media vs. Minimizing Media

Not all media exposures are created equal, and some are definitely worth paying more for. Today Ipsos’ Ross Hugessen will share the results of a brand new research study that quantifies the value that different media deliver on key brand objectives – results that should encourage agencies and clients to change the conversation they are having, from lowest cost, to best value.


Culture, Brains, and Ads that Speak to Us

In this talk, Dan Iwasa-Madge, from Brainsights, will focus on the interplay of culture and storytelling: How do subtle factors like our values, differing media environments and cultural foundations influence how we watch content?  What makes for powerful storytelling in the USA vs Canada?  Dan will showcase examples of ads that performed well in their intended markets, but would fall apart when exported elsewhere – and why.


1:00 pm                 registration, coffee

1:30 pm                 Intro/Welcome

1:40 pm                 Ken Auletta, Frenemies: Winners And Losers In The Advertising Wars

2:40 pm                IPSOS, Ross Hugessen, Optimizing Media vs. Minimizing Media – Which is it?

3:20 pm                 break, 20 minutes

3:40 pm                 Brainsights, Dan Iwasa-MadgeCulture, Brains, and Ads that Speak to Us

4.00 pm                 Peter Field, Effectiveness in Context

5 – 6 pm                 cocktails & networking

This is an exclusive event and seating is strictly limited; contact us to request an invitation and we’ll get back to you shortly.