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media, marketing & effectiveness is back with an incredible line-up

Our annual marketing effectiveness event is going online this year: Join us October 15th for an afternoon of marketing insights from a stellar collection of experts in their fields, from perennial favourite Peter Field to Jenni Romaniuk, lead author of How Brands Grow, Part 2. Free to attend, register now.



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welcomeCatherine MacLeod

Bell Media, Corus Entertainment & Rogers Sports & Media Advanced TV

Brent Chaters & Josef Hrebik Peak Performance: Driving Advertising Effectiveness that Lasts

Peter Field & James Hurman The Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Jon Evans Emotion: The Most Rational Thing a Brand Can Use

Jenni Romaniuk Building Distinctive Brand Assets



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Building Distinctive Assets, Jenni Romaniuk

In her book Building Distinctive Brand Assets, Jenni Romaniuk helps marketers to future-proof their brand’s identity and set up long-term strategies to build and protect their Distinctive Assets.

In this presentation Jenni will outline key points from her acclaimed book, including why Distinctive Assets are important, and how to avoid common mistakes; how to build Distinctive Assets (including key metrics); and what Distinctive Assets to build (including how to make smart choices regarding asset types, from colour and taglines to audio).

Finally, Jenni will highlight the key actions you can take within an organization to select and protect your brand’s Distinctive Assets.


The Creative Effectiveness Ladder, Peter Field & James Hurman

The Creative Effectiveness Ladder is a tool to help brands and agencies increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. It was developed by marketing effectiveness experts James Hurman and Peter Field – in partnership with Cannes Lions and sister company WARC – after a detailed piece of research that analyzed close to 5,000 effectiveness award entrants and winners from 2011 through 2019.

Hurman and Field discovered that marketing effectiveness is heavily influenced by a campaign’s ‘creative commitment’, a composite measure of media budget, duration and number of media channels applied. The Creative Effectiveness Ladder identifies the six main types of effects that creative marketing produces, setting them in a hierarchy of levels from least to most commercially impactful. In this presentation, Field and Hurman will walk us through the framework and share how to use it to produce more consistently effective creative campaigns and initiatives.


Peak Performance: Driving Advertising Effectiveness that Lasts, Brent Chaters & Josef Hrebik

Peak Performance: Driving Advertising Effectiveness That Lasts” is a follow-up to the deep-dive attribution study “The Moneyball Moment for Marketing in Canada,” developed by Accenture Strategy and commissioned by thinktv. That research identified the return on investment (ROI) by media channel and outlined opportunities for Canadian companies to maximize their media mix and drive higher sales revenues, but only looked at the impact for up to one year after the measured marketing activity.

This new research, “Peak Performance: Driving Advertising Effectiveness That Lasts,” assesses the impact of media investment beyond that first year and delivers qualitative insights about balancing short-term activation with long-term brand building activities, and how to maximize sales ROI from media spend over the longer term.


Emotion: The Most Rational Thing a Brand Can Use, Jon Evans

System1 is the world’s leading ‘Effectiveness’ agency whose mission is to help brands and marketers achieve profitable growth through the practical application of behavioural science. Jon’s presentation ‘Emotion: The Most Rational Thing a Brand Can Use’ will demonstrate the power of emotion in advertising to change consumer behaviour and profitable long-term growth.

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international director and author, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Jenni Romaniuk’s areas of expertise span Brand Health, Distinctive Brand Assets, Mental Availability, Advertising Effectiveness, Word of Mouth and Brand Growth. Her new book, Building Distinctive Brand Assets, helps marketers to future-proof their brand’s identity, and set up long-term strategies to build and protect their Distinctive Assets. She is also the lead author of How Brands Grow Part 2, published by Oxford University Press. This book includes new insights into emerging markets, services, durables, new and luxury brands.

Jenni is a past Editor of the Journal of Advertising Research (2014-2016), and now sits on the Journal’s Senior Advisory Board. Jenni was recently named one of the top 1% most influential advertising researchers.


marketing consultant + effectiveness expert

Peter Field started his career in advertising as a strategic planer; he been a marketing consultant for over 20 years. Effectiveness case study analysis underpins much of his work, which includes a number of important marketing and advertising texts: Marketing in the Era of Accountability, The Long & The Short of it, Media in Focus, and Effectiveness in Context (written in partnership with Les Binet). His latest publication is The Crisis in Creative Effectiveness.

Peter writes and speaks regularly around the world about marketing effectiveness. He is an Honorary Fellow of the UK Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.


founding partner, Previously Unavailable

James Hurman is a marketing effectiveness expert from New Zealand. Formerly a strategic planner in the advertising industry, James’ work has won more than 50 marketing effectiveness awards, including Grands Prix at the Effies and Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards, multiple Effie Agency of the Year awards, and a Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lion. In 2013, James was named the world’s number one planning director by The Big Won Report. His 2011 book The Case for Creativity explored his and others’ research proving that more creative companies, agencies and campaigns achieve significantly better commercial results. The book was republished in 2015 by Cannes Lions. James has served as a member of the inaugural Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions jury, Chair of the Spikes Creative Effectiveness Jury, and Chair of the New Zealand Effie Awards.



Managing Director, Accenture Interactive – Canadian Lead of Digital Customer & Marketing Practice

Brent Chaters is Accenture’s Managing Director of Digital Customer & Marketing. He has over 20 years of Marketing experience across both client side and consulting side through multiple industries working for some of the largest fortune 500 brands around the globe. He is the author of Mastering Search Analytics and co-author of Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems: Creating Connected Customer Experiences, and Advertising Effectiveness in a Multi-Channel World: Canadian Media Attribution Study. He has taught for ISDE & Harvard’s Global Executive Master Digital Business on both Social CRM and Customer Experience.


Media and Entertainment Lead for Canada, Accenture Strategy

Josef Hrebik is Accenture Canada’s Media & Entertainment Lead. Josef has worked with some of the leading Communications, Media, Entertainment and Digital companies in North America. His roles have focused on helping clients restructure existing legacy businesses to drive growth, expand into new products and services, and evolve existing capabilities to more competitively compete in their respective markets. Josef graduated with a MBA from the University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management.


chief marketing officer, System1 Group

An experienced Commercial leader with a track record of delivering substantial growth across a large number of brands. Currently working as CMO for System1 and host of Uncensored CMO podcast.

Previous experience includes a short stint as CMO for Brewdog, Marketing Director at LRS leading some of the UK’s most iconic brands, on the Board of Purity Soft Drinks, a Private Equity backed Soft Drink business and working for Britvic Soft Drinks running a ‘Seed Brand Unit’ in conjunction with Pepsi.