newsletter: Peter Field’s latest whitepaper ‘why tv is at the heart of effectiveness’

March 25, 2024

Mark Ritson says Peter Field is “a voice that you, as a marketer, should listen to,” and we couldn’t agree more. Field’s extensive body of research and data-driven insights make him one of the most influential marketing and effectiveness experts in the industry.

Field’s latest whitepaper ‘Why TV is at the heart of effectiveness’ – brought to us by thinkbox in the UK – draws on a wealth of data with sources that include Lumen, System1, Amplified Intelligence, and the IPA, and finds overwhelming evidence that TV continues to be the dominant force for demand growth.

The primary reasons for that effectiveness include TV’s superior attention, emotional clout, and trust, as detailed in the whitepaper.

With a convincing forward by Mark Ritson, we encourage you to download the whitepaper and contact us if you have any questions. And if you’re looking for Field’s take on the Canadian market, check out The Alchemy of Effectiveness: A Focus on Canada.

download the whitepaper