shift | a marketing rethink

Be sure to join us November 9th when Matt Devlin, Managing Director, Marketing Science, PHD, presents Shift | A Marketing Rethink, based on the new PHD book of the same name.

In this new world, Shift takes stock of where we are and where we could be heading. Taking a look back at the wave of complexity that built up over the last decade with the resultant midlife crisis it has caused in marketing. And looking ahead, how marketing appears to be changing, the implications for talent, and the new functions that are likely to emerge over the next five to 10 years. Register today!

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Managing Director, Marketing Science, PHD

Matt leads the Marketing Science team at PHD, where he draws on experience as a digital strategist, communications planner and in marketing science.

In his over 15 years in the industry in Canada and the UK he has won innovation awards for a branded mobile app (before iOS and Android were invented) and, more recently, for integrating machine learning-powered marketing mix models into media planning.

He’s passionate about helping his clients outsmart their competition and about the future of the media marketplace in Canada.


Advancements in data and technology, combined with the disruption of a global pandemic, have radically reorganized the world of marketing communications. From how people are consuming media and the techniques used to engage with them, to how we in marketing actually work together. As an industry, it is important that we try to get ahead of the change and stop just responding to it. To think longer term. To start building the future, today.

Shift takes a look at where we have just been and where we are heading. Bringing together the opinions of many of the leaders across the world of marketing communications with exclusive research, Shift offers an informed view of what lies ahead to help us to prepare. Shift sets out to genuinely help marketers, and their agencies, rethink marketing for tomorrow, today.