tv spend, strength, & attribution


Which categories spent the most on television advertising in 2021, and how can we measure the effectiveness of that spend? Join us on Wednesday, January 26th, for a webinar that will address these and other questions and introduce a new tool for accurately determining the effectiveness of advertising in our market.


NLogic presents Catalyst
As Canada’s leading provider of audience analysis tools for the TV and radio broadcast industry, media agencies, martech firms and more, NLogic helps clients bring data to life. In this launch presentation, David Phillips will introduce us to Catalyst, a new and innovative way to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising in real-time. David will also share unique insights into the value of in-program advertising, including sponsorships and brand integrations.


Ad spend in 2021 from SMI
thinktv Canada’s newest partner, Standard Media Index, is the trusted source of global ad spend and pricing intelligence, providing actual media investment figures across TV, Digital, and other media platforms in Canada. This presentation includes an exclusive view of ad spend in 2021, one of the highest in Canadian history.  Linear TV was a driving factor in 2021, showing increases in investment versus both 2020 and pre-pandemic 2019.  This session will outline the areas of Linear TV that are delivering advertising confidence and will identify the changing patterns of digital ad expenditure, particularly in online video, OTT, and Connected Devices.



President & COO, NLogic

David Phillips is President and COO of NLogic.  NLogic is privileged to work with Canada’s largest broadcasters, advertising agencies, and advertisers helping them make sense of their audiences, campaigns and programming through software and data.  Through his strong leadership skills and passion for anything data driven, David has transformed NLogic into a dynamic and agile company with a track record of industry-leading innovation.

David began his career selling classified ad space to car dealers in London, England.  Luckily for all concerned, he’s not doing that anymore.  David is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on a wide range topics related to data, next generation broadcast advertising and future trends.  He has a master’s degree in modern European culture, something which has never been useful since. His obsessions include politics, history, cycling, music and clouds and he is blessed with a wonderful wife and two beautiful sons.

Managing Director, Standard Media Index

Darrick is Managing Director at Standard Media Index with 13+ years of measurement, advertising, and marketing background. Prior to SMI, Darrick held a senior role at Comscore, working with the leading agencies, publishers and marketers in the digital media and advertising industry. His unwavering work ethic and ambition to become a great storyteller led him to be a part of the Marketing faculty at Seneca College in Toronto, teaching in the Social Media graduate program.  In his current role at SMI, he oversees the Canadian operation across partnerships, product, business development, and client service.  In addition, he is actively involved in US business development efforts alongside the global SMI leadership team.