week ending July 13th


mindshare video: all that glitters in not gold

“Always check Shiny New Objects against scale and marketing truths” -Mindshare


millennials prefer tv viewing to digital media

Millennials continue to choose ad-supported TV over digital media – even in summer.


it’s not the end of advertising – new research shows it’s not just surviving, but thriving 

“TV is a driver of innovation – it drives search and response better than any medium, due in part to the rise of the second screen.”



We updated our “TV Live Viewing & PVR Usage” report with new data – Check it out here.

week ending July 6th


Study: FMCG, Auto & Finance Under-Invested In TV Ad Spends

Ebiquity’s latest study found that companies in the FMCG, auto, and finance sectors improve their ROI by shifting more of their media dollars to TV.


Do you suffer from ‘screenesthesia’?

With multiple screen options and sizes, it’s important to be aware of where you put your video for the best advertising effectiveness results.


‘Something happened’ that led us back to TV

Facebook is using TV to share its message: “It says a lot about the brand’s awareness of the limitations of its own platform that the ad was created specifically for television”