week ending Jan 22nd


three axioms and three questions that summarise all of brand strategy

Mark Ritson on the fundamentals of a good brand strategy – and why it’s so important to have one

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more science proving that diversity in advertising is good for business

New research shows including BIPOC talent in advertising has a positive impact on brands

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optimizing media using behavioural science

Our upcoming webinar is this THURSDAY! Richard Shotton presents “optimizing media using behavioural science”.


week ending Jan 8th


Unilever deems TV ‘very cost effective’ alongside advanced capabilities

Unilever deems TV ‘very cost effective’

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world juniors 2021

13.5 Million Canadians – a whopping 36% of our population – tuned into the 2021 World Juniors

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how do I use creativity to drive effectiveness?

WARC reminds us of the importance of creative in driving advertising effectiveness:

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week ending Nov 27th


attention in advertising

Watch Prof. Karen Nelson-Field share the results of her latest research on video advertising effectiveness and find out which medium gets the most attention – and sales uplift.

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TV can catapult D2C brands: comcast advertising’s rothwell

New research from @VABintel & @effectv shows the “amazing” impact that TV advertising has on digital engagement.

Video          Research

week ending Nov 20th


why you need a strong brand to win in e-commerce: Adidas’ Simon Peel

As consumers’ behaviours start to normalise, balancing long and short-term thinking seems to be back to the top of the agenda for marketing teams. “It has helped having the likes of Les Binet, Peter Field, Mark Ritson, and Orlando Wood promoting long and short-term thinking during COVID.”
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study confirms TV ‘halo effect’ for D2C, other brands across life stages

STUDY: Linear TV drives performance in all brand life stages, and is particularly effective for new D2C brands
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ad nation 2020

Missed the live webinar? The Ad Nation presentation is now online!
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week ending Nov 13th

ad nation 2020

You still have time to register! Our Ad Nation webinar is on today at 11am (EST):
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NBA, NBPA reach tentative agreement on Dec. 22 season start date

NBA & NBPA announce Dec 22 as tentative start date

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Facebook ads ignore creative best practices

Our friend Orlando Wood reminds us that “ads skewed towards the right brain typically deliver the strongest long-term growth” – even online
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week ending Nov 6th


Mark Ritson

a 10-minute summary from @MarkRitson on the power of TV advertising today (with a bit of Swedish off the top!).
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Hudson’s Bay navigates the holiday season with much-needed cheer

Annie Murphy and Catherine O’Hara bring cheer & joy to Hudson Bay’s holiday TV campaign this year
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online talk with Karen Nelson-Field

WEBINAR – On Nov 19th @ 9am (EST) Prof. Karen Nelson-Field will present a summary of her ground-breaking work on video advertising effectiveness across multiple platforms. Register:
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week ending Oct 30th


‘small-budget fallacy’ hurts marketing effectiveness

James Hurman: “Some of those more traditional channels – like TV, PR, or direct mail – are the ones creating an effectiveness advantage.”
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DoorDash tries to get its place in Canada’s ‘flavourhoods’

DoorDash develops national TV spot to drive brand awareness in Canada
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effectiveness in marketing: thought leaders sound off

Highlights from our Media, Marketing & Effectiveness event this year.
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week ending Oct 2nd



Wonderful Pistachios embarks on largest Canadian media spend

Wonderful Pistachios go nuts for TV.
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warby parker spends most on tv ads, health brands beef up buys

DTC brands, such as Warby Parker, continue to spend heavily in TV advertising
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‘fools errand’ and the billion dollar question: is 1.7 seconds enough exposure for ads to work? no, but it’s beyond Facebook

How much time does an ad need in front of a user or viewer to be effective? Professor Karen Nelson-Field shares her findings.
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week ending Sept 25th


ad effectiveness: tv plus digital significantly outperforms digital only

Adding TV to the media mix significantly improves ad performance

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media, marketing, & effectiveness 2020

thinktv presents: Media, Marketing, & Effectiveness – Thursday October 15th – REGISTER today!
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Mark Ritson on COVID, advertising during a recession, and the impact of TV

Missed Mark Ritson’s webinar this week? Check it out here
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week ending Sept 4th


Mark Ritson: ‘Bothism’ is the cure for marketers’ fascination with pointless conflict

Marketing theory is a constant battle between opposing viewpoints, but an open mind and accurate data set will show you usually need to adopt both perspectives.

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not all reach is equal: tv commands more attention than social video

“TV’s superior screen coverage and viewability drives greater attention and higher sales impact than social video, irrespective of device.”

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marketers underestimate the role of creativity in effectiveness

New Kantar research finds that marketers are underestimating the importance of creativity when it comes to ad effectiveness.

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Mark Ritson webinar

Mark Ritson’s upcoming talk, “Reinventing Efficient Marketing Through a Recession” is just 2 weeks away – sign up now: 

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week ending August 28th


tv is dominant for news in the time of COVID: study

TV news is highly trusted, hugely valuable – and very popular: TV is dominant for news in the time of COVID

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NHL announces adjustments to playoff schedule

The NHL playoffs will resume with three games on Saturday after all games Thursday and Friday were postponed.

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week ending August 7th


online businesses on tv

Internet-related companies know TV advertising is good for business; YOY spend up 30% #TV works

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the return of live NHL and NBA action

10.7 Million Canadians Tuned in to Sportsnet for Return of Live NHL and NBA Action

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an open letter to the ad community from Nielsen’s Brad Kelly

“Pivoting your media plan and reallocating spend to the safety of broadcast radio and TV can improve performance.”

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week ending July 31st


advanced tv

Check out the broadcaster presentations from the @IABCanada Advanced TV Week for the latest on new TV offerings & opportunities for advertisers

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even in tough times, consumers want ads that make them laugh – so why are there now so few?

“Humour is one of the most powerful creative weapons we have to create a strong emotional connection, so why are we using it less?”
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seven in ten consumers don’t plan on cutting their festive spending

70% of consumers aren’t planning to shop any less during the holidays this year
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week ending July 24th


major league sports are back – on tv, radio and online

Sports are back on TV!!!
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how to rebuild consumer trust through tv and transparency

Rebuild Consumer Trust Through TV And Transparency: “for brands attempting to strengthen their reputation when consumer trust is lower than ever, now might be the perfect time to highlight TV within your advertising mix.”

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Mark Ritson – the new normal and other marketing bullsh*t

Great webinar with System1Research and Mark Ritson on the importance of distinctive assets, the power of ESOV, and why supporting your brand now will catapult your recovery later

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week ending July 17th


tv’s impact on Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

TV Drives Digital: TVSquared research shows TV drives significant digital activity in both the short & long term; Accenture Canada found a similar Halo Effect, calculating that TV amplifies the sales ROI of digital by 19%.

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in a virtual marketplace, only the strongest brands will survive

The importance of strong brands in virtual marketplace:
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report refresh:

We’ve updated all our essential reports with the latest info – check them out in our research library

research library

week ending May 29th


tv in a pandemic

We partnered with Ipsos to bring you our latest research report: “tv in a pandemic: our attitudes & behaviours”

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Van Houtte brings the fun back to coffee breaks

“Van Houtte had all the right reasons to come back on TV”

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CBC announces 2020-21 original programming slate including 1300 new hours for television this fall

CBC announced their new fall line-up, packed with original programming

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week ending May 8th

French Quebec’s tv viewing through COVID-19

Viewing in Quebec Franco up 14%
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what happens if I stop advertising during COVID-19?

What Happens If I Stop Advertising During COVID-19? A great overview from our friends at thinktv Australia
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advertising in a downturn revisited

Our blog for the ACA outlining Peter Field’s compelling argument for advertising during the current crisis:
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week ending May 1st


the COVID-19 crisis calls for right brain thinking

Missed Orlando Wood’s informative webinar on advertising effectiveness during the COVID-crisis? Check out the video & presentation deck:

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STRONGER TOGETHER, TOUS ENSEMBLE raises over $6 million so far for food banks Canada as historic broadcast reaches 11.5 million Canadians

A record-breaking 11.5 million Canadians tuned into “STRONGER TOGETHER, TOUS ENSEMBLE” last weekend and the special has now raised over $8 million for Food Banks Canada.

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domino’s ‘not pulling back’ on ads

Domino’s on advertising during the current crisis: “we see the value in our voice being heard.”
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week ending April 24th

all the generic coronavirus ads are a waste of time and budget

Who was Mark Ritson drinking with in a “dodgy bar in Toronto”? Find out in this engaging article about advertising effectiveness during the COVID crisis.

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advertising in a downturn revisited

Missed Peter Field’s insightful “advertising in a downturn” webinar? Video & presentation available on our website

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weekly tv viewing report

Stay up-to-date on viewing trends with our Weekly TV Viewing Reports

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week ending March 20th

marketing in the time of Covid-19

Mark Ritson’s advice to marketers: Keep the brand light burning, because the cost of snuffing it out for the rest of 2020 and then trying to reignite it next year is gigantic.
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Corus, other broadcasters, make channels available free during COVID-19 crisis

Broadcasters provide free channels to Canadians
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if not sports, then what?

“There is lots of empirical evidence from previous crises, both economic and health, that the brands that continue to invest during uncertainty survive.” – Seb Rennie, CIO GroupM
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week ending March 6th

the two most important charts in marketing—and why they’re more important than ever

Short-term vs. long-term brand building summarized in 2 essential charts:
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coronavirus won’t hurt Corona, it will actually boost sales

Mark Ritson breaks down why the Coronavirus will actually have a positive impact on Corona sales:
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Byron Sharp’s new ‘marketing’ textbook is a fiery trip down under

TL;DR – great overview of Byron Sharp’s “Marketing” by @theDrum
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week ending February 7th


Super Bowl LIV breaks national records as 9.5 million tune in

A record breaking 9.5 million viewers watched Super Bowl LIV on CTV, TSN, and RDS

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don’t short-change your brand: the case for a return to brand-building

Why short-termism can be destructive to your brand:

full article (EN)

full article (FR)


Quebecor launches new suite of products in a programmatic push

One of the main programmatic products that Quebecor newly launched allows advertisers to “synchronize the timing of web advertising with TV spots as a way to maximize campaign reach.”

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week ending January 31st

EV ads should be emotional

“Emotional ads help build and reinforce memory structures in the brain — especially crucial in a market such as automotive, where the purchase cycle is so long.”
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don’t short-change your brand: the case for a return to brand-building

With the rise of short-termism, our VP of Marketing, Laura Baehr, makes the case for a return to brand-building.

full article (EN)

full article (FR)


6 TV myths that need to be debunked

Lindsey Clay addresses 6 major incorrect assumptions about TV:

full article

week ending January 10th


future TV advertising global 2019: the big takeaways

Key takeaways from the 2019 Global Future TV Advertising Forum

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don’t underestimate the market power of the 50+ crowd

Marketers are missing out on the 50+ demo because of inaccurate and outdated assumptions

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Wealthsimple tells its origin story with eyes on the future

Great storytelling + great creative = effective, long term brand-building @wealthsimple @strategyonline

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week ending December 20th


the top ten drivers of marketing effectiveness from the Effie Awards – and beyond

Top 10 Drivers of Marketing Effectiveness (Mark Ritson)

full article


the top 10 things you should (but might not) know about today’s TV

The Top 10 things you should know about today’s TV

full article


Bell, NFL notch top court victory on Super Bowl ads

Order is restored: Court rules in Bell’s favour in Super Bowl ad case

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week ending December 13th


ads aren’t working because we’ve disappeared up our own left brains

How our “left-brains” took over creativity in advertising:
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Kawhi’s Toronto return breaks NBA viewing records

Kawhi’s comeback against the Raptors draws more than 3.2 million viewers – an all-time regular season record!
full article


John Lewis Christmas commercials

TV drives over 1.5 Billion views – and an 11x ROI – for John Lewis in the UK over Christmas:

week ending December 6th


the 10 key factors driving advertising effectiveness

Mark Ritson: “This is the **** I would advise you to focus on in 2020” (a collection of short videos on marketing effectiveness).

full article


new and now: the holiday ad spend edition

More advertisers increase their TV focus:

full article


TV ads are too short-term in focus

WARC’s take on Orlando Wood’s presentation

full article

week ending November 29th


TV least risky marketing platform, finds Thinkbox

New research from the UK finds that TV has the highest multiplier effect and is the lowest risk ad platform

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effie awards Canada

Effie deadline is Dec 6 – submit your case study today!

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marketer’s toolkit 2020

Orlando Wood: Five ways to make effective brand advertising from @WARCeditors #MarketingToolkit

(see also his thinktv presentation “unlocking profitable growth through creative” https://buff.ly/2XVkz4h)

full article

week ending November 15th


marketing expert Mark Ritson joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss TV

Mark Ritson’s interview on BNN: “the value of TV advertising in an ad-free streaming environment”

full article


four lessons in media Mark Ritson brought to Toronto

4 key takeaways from Mark Ritson’s presentation at Media, Marketing & Effectiveness

full article


media, marketing & effectiveness

Thanks again to everyone who came to our event last Tuesday – presentations and videos will be available this week, stay tuned!

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week ending November 8th


ignoring TV is a strange choice for a big brand

The reason why it doesn’t make sense for big brands, like the GAP, to pass on TV advertising

full article


Mark Ritson on why he’s ok with TV, but welcomes a ‘post-digital’ world

Why Mark Ritson is OK with TV and welcomes a ‘post-digital’ world

full article


media, marketing & effectiveness: the case for creative

and speaking of Mark Ritson, our Media, Marketing & Effectiveness is tomorrow!

full article

week ending October 25th


what’s behind the collapse of creative effectiveness

Why creative effectiveness has fallen

full article


report: Facebook usage drops a stunning 26% since 2017

Facebook engagement dips 26%

full article


Jean Mongeau, general manager & chief revenue officer, media solutions, moving on to pursue new opportunities

Jean Mongeau – valued thinktv board member – to leave CBC
full article

week ending October 18th


adidas: we over-invested in digital advertising

Why the global brand is shifting their strategy from “marketing efficiency” to “marketing effectiveness”

full article


creatives have their say: a tribute to top-notch tv advertising

Missed the creative panel at Future TV? Watch the video and read our summary of the key takeaways from the session.

full article


the case for creative

If you haven’t registered already, secure your spot now for our upcoming event, “Media, Marketing & Effectiveness”
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week ending October 11th


2019 brand of the year: Loblaw zeroes in on shoppers

Great Canadian creativity and effective brand-building by Loblaw
full article


ACA joins forces with WFA’s new working group

The ACA and WFA are teaming up to help establish better cross-media measurement principles

full article


how to make business-changing creative 

Highlights from the first Effie Effectiveness Day in Canada – and congrats to all the winners!
full article

week ending October 4th


marketing’s share of revenue dips to five-year low

Worrying stat alert: Marketing spend as share of revenue hits 5 year low
full article


why women’s sports are now a top draw for TV advertisers

A recent UK study outlines why TV advertisers are investing more in women’s sports.
full article


what’s your thinking style?

Find out if you’re a right or left brain thinker with this IPA quiz – and learn more about how left-brained thinking has impacted advertising at our event on Nov 12
full article 

week ending September 27th




Q’s about TV? Our new FAQ deck has the answers.
full article


US adspend jumps nearly 8% in the first half

Increased DTC spending on TV helped contribute to an 8% jump in adspend in the US
full article


media, marketing & effectiveness: the case for creative

MUST-ATTEND! Come hear 3 marketing experts discuss advertising effectiveness at our Nov 12 event
full article

week ending September 20th


DTC darling Glossier makes first foray into TV advertising

DTC pioneer, Glossier, is joining the rush of digital native companies turning to TV
full article


DTC founders’ secrets: what all advertisers can learn from TV’s latest force

“DTC brands [acknowledge] that relying on social and digital channels to build their business has become both scale-limiting and cost-prohibitive compared to the outcomes TV delivers.”
full article


op-ed: Canadian broadcast landscape changing

An op-ed on the changing Canadian Broadcast Landscape by Corus’ Doug Murphy
full article

week ending August 16th


why one of Google’s biggest spenders is redirecting some money towards TV and video ads

Booking.com is the latest digital company to shift media dollars to TV:
full article


Our own @cmactweet on activation vs. brand building, and the courage required to come to the boardroom to demand long-term, brand building support.
full article


here are 7 ways networks said they were ‘superior’ to Netflix at TCA summer press tour

7 ways that TV > Netflix
full article

week ending August 9th


Mark Ritson: Seven Reasons why TV’s Doubters are Wrong

“Ofcom’s latest data yet again shows why TV should be at the top of most big brands’ media plans, yet some marketers insist on ignoring the facts.”
full article


watch John Foley, Founder and CEO of Peloton talk about how TV transformed his business exponentially in his story

Peloton founder John Foley: “TV allows us to do a lot of storytelling, which is great for our brand.”
full article


8 lessons about marketing effectiveness from billionaires Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

“Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett are not marketers by trade but there’s a lot marketers can learn from them.”
full article

week ending August 2nd


not all ad fraud originates overseas. law enforcement is starting to look closer to home

Ad fraud is expected to total $5.8 billion this year, and the FBI are now looking at domestic threats
full article


Pinterest has plans to advertise on TV, in print and out-of-home, says its first CMO

(yet) another digital brand turns to TV for growth: Pinterest plans to advertise on TV
full article


D2C brands use TV to measure web visits: CBS’s Ross

“the new D2C brands don’t just want mass reach – they want to attribute TV ad exposure to online visitation, and beyond.”
full article

week ending July 19th


how Schitt’s Creek charmed the TV academy into three major Emmy nominations

Canadian content FTW! Congrats to #SchittsCreek for a well-deserved Emmy nom:

full article


DTC brands are turning to TV: q&a with VAB

Why are so many DTC brands using TV to help scale their businesses? The VAB investigates:

full article


only 21% of people think Amazon ads are helpful

An overview of product advertising on Amazon and American adults’ engagement and opinion of those ads. @WARCEditors

full article

week ending July 12th

web giants investing heavily in TV ads 

Online businesses continue to increase their investment in TV


how Sephora is building connections beyond its stores

Sephora launched its 1st ever TV commercial, here’s why:


Touch of Modern TV campaign helps direct-to-consumer company reach major milestone

Online retailer Touch of Modern says “We look at TV to not only reach short-term marketing objectives, but to build powerful brands.”

week ending July 5th


July’s chart of the month

Longer ads enhance memory effects: “When a short ad is seen after a long ad, there is a 51% uplift in explicit memory effects versus just 9% for seeing a short ad in isolation.”



three things DTCs have learned as they get into TV

DTC brands and startups are all flocking to TV – here’s what they’ve learned:



the WFA’s “The State of Advertising report”:


week ending June 28th


3 big Cannes Lions takeaways marketers can learn from

The 3 main takeaways for marketers at Cannes Lions this year (Tip #1: Don’t fake being woke)


brand of the year shortlist profiled: Cadbury

By strategically using TV advertising, Cadbury has consistently seen higher purchase intent scores over the past year.


aging Is about living in the moment

Boomers’ “hedonistic tendencies” and how to market to them

week ending June 21st


Toronto Raptors’ game 6 broke Canadian tv records

The raptors make basketball – and TV – history: A record-breaking 15.9 Million Canadians watched game 6



étude d’attribution des médias canadiens

Accenture attribution study: Thanks again to everyone who came out to our Montreal presentation; you can download the French presentations & whitepaper here: https://buff.ly/2XoPOa0


Blue Ant greenlights more paranormal, lifestyle titles

Upfronts ’19: Highlights from Blue Ant Media


week ending June 14th


Étude D’attribution Des Médias Canadiens

We’re coming for you Montreal! Join us Wednesday for “étude d’attribution des médias canadiens”:



consumers will spend 800 hours using mobile internet devices this year

“Television will remain the world’s favourite medium throughout our forecasts, accounting for 33% of all media consumption in 2021” – Zenith


the most effective raptor ads according to science

Using science to determine the most effective Raptors commercial:

week ending June 7th


why all growth plans should start with attention

The importance of attention in media, and how it impacts brand growth


Canadian advertisers may be overspending on digital: eMarketer

“eMarketer report shows Canadian advertisers are ‘overactivating and underbranding’ digital”


upfronts ’19: announcements from Bell Media & Corus


week ending May 31st


upfronts fact check

We did some fact-checking in advance of the Upfronts:

CBC lifts the curtain on 2019/20 roster

Highlights from CBC’s Upfront last week

upfronts ’19: announcements from CTV, Global & CityTV


week ending May 24th


tv ads still more relevant to consumers than streaming video ads

Consumers say TV serves the most relevant ads – 5x more than streaming video


tv advertising drives small business growth

New study shows the power of TV advertising for small and medium sized companies


exposing the black hole of online video advertising

The “eyebrow raising” adpend going to online video – and why the math doesn’t make sense

week ending May 17th


expected growth in upfront ad commitments shows TV’s not done yet

TV ad commitments have continued to grow YoY.

why scale still matters for brands

“Unfortunately, there is still no substitute for spending money. But nobody wants to believe that.”

linear TV ads remain most ‘relevant’ to viewers

TV advertising is the most relevant to consumers, according to Adobe ad study.

week ending April 26th


CMDC 2019 MXI Summit

Thanks again to our panelists at the @CMDCCanada Summit last week – download the Accenture whitepaper to learn more about the study results:


direct-to-consumer brands that built their businesses without traditional advertising are now embracing it in key ways to fuel growth

An increasing number of popular D2C companies use TV advertising to build viable brands


marketing investment pays off for PepsiCo

Marketing spend drives sales, just ask PepsiCo: “It is clear evidence that the advertising that we’ve been putting into the market place is working” said Hugh Johnston, PepsiCo’s CFO

week ending April 12th


Canadian advertisers leaving $1.4 billion on the table

Why are Canadian advertisers are leaving $1.4 Billion on the table?


advertising effectiveness for dot coms

Our favourite effectiveness experts, Les Binet & Peter Field, on why online businesses need the brand-building powers of TV.


Proctor & Gamble

P&G makes biggest ask yet of digital media – civility


why we still need the tv upfronts in 2019

The continuing importance of TV Upfronts in our current media landscape

week ending April 5th


ThirdLove taps the power of tv

Online D2C brand, ThirdLove, praises the benefits of TV’s brand building capabilities.


Schitt’s Creek, Anne with an E take top honours at Canadian screen awards

Home-grown content #FTW! Congrats to all the winners at the Canadian Screen Awards last week.


WFA urges brands to hold platforms to account

WFA calls on brands to hold social media platforms to account in light of brand safety issues

week ending March 15th


advertising effectiveness vs. efficiency: what is important?

Giant digital disruptor brands (such as Google, Facebook, and Uber) are waking up to the power of long term brand building and shifting their advertising dollars towards traditional mass media.


GroupM rolls out expanded viewability standards

GroupM announces new global standards for viewability, measurement, and brand safety.


media, marketing, & measurement

In case you missed our newsletter, we’re headed to Vancouver/Edmonton/Calgary in early April! Check out the event and register here:

week ending March 8th


Kraft Heinz’s giant setback could boost brand spending

Kraft and the case for brand building: “You can’t cut your way to long-term profitability”



why D2C brands should invest in tv advertising

3 reasons D2C brands need to invest in TV Advertising



big companies still advertise on tv

“Why do big companies still advertise on TV instead of social media?”


week ending March 1st


tv underrepresented in media budgets: Accenture study

Accenture research shows that Canadian advertisers are under-investing in TV and failing to take its “halo effect” on digital channels into account.


tv & BVOD offers advertisers twice the impact as tv & social

Research from ThinkTV Australia shows pairing TV ads with BVOD drives 2x the sales impact compared with a TV + social video combo


Oscars up almost 10%

Loving Lady Gaga & Bradley: Oscars up almost 10%, reaching 11 million Canadians

week ending February 8th

tv and digital advertising need to stop fighting and admit they need each other

Fantastic argument on why your media plan should combine the power of TV and digital, not TV vs digital.



what we know about Super Bowl advertising

“Super Bowl ads can impact sales for months afterwards” @WARC



by the numbers: what’s the magic media combination?

Detailed findings from Ipsos research highlight the best media for your category, customer and brand objectives


week ending February 1st

amazon to reclaim super bowl ad spot as it spends big on TV marketing

Digital giants understand the immense power of TV – “Amazon’s TV ad spending rose more than 60% in 2018”


four insights from the 2018 IPA effectiveness awards

The power of Emotion, TV, Distinctive Brand Assets, and Influence are the key takeaways from the 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards


understanding YouTube enthusiasts’ affinity for video content

we loved the VAB’s #chartoftheweek, have you seen their new TV & YouTube report?


week ending January 25th


tv preferred: understanding YouTube enthusiasts’ affinity for video content

YouTube fans are 51% more likely to purchase a product they saw while watching TV than while watching their favourite YouTube personality @VideoAdBureau


thanks to addressable tv, budgets are starting to move away from Facebook

In the UK ad budgets are starting to move back to TV from Facebook


Canadian media attribution study (thinktv event)

We have a new event Feb 25 – Advertising in a Multi-Channel World: Canadian Media Attribution Study – register now, spots are filling up quickly!

week ending January 18th

advertising effectiveness in a multi-channel world

thinktv announce a first-of-its-kind-in-Canada attribution study; research launch event Feb 25


direct-to-consumer brands are ushering in the age of intelligent tv buying

DTC brands are shifting their budget from social to TV to reach a wider audience


VAB 2018 recap – tv drives outcomes

Check out this 2 min video that showcases why TV remains the strongest influence on consumer decisions, courtesy of @VideoAdBureau,

week ending January 11th


30 most important takeaways from the three best marketing books released in 2018

Key takeaways from the 3 best marketing books of 2018:


Bell Media introduces more precise tv targeting

Bell Media’s new Strategic Audience Management tool (SAM), will utilize Nlogic & Numeris to provide precise audience targeting:

it’s time to create a risk-free, open and connected advertising environment

If you expect nothing but the highest standards for security and safety of other products, why not your media as well? TV’s premium content adheres to those standards:

week ending December 14th


Mark Ritson: the story of digital media disruption has run its course

GroupM notes: “Ad-supported TV remains hands-down the most effective advertising medium. It consistently and convincingly argues for its safety and certainty, with proofs of ROI.”


Canada leads the market for linear TV penetration [study]

Canada is one of the world’s strongest markets for TV penetration according to the Global TV Group. https://buff.ly/2EnCcBU
You can download the Global TV deck on our website: https://buff.ly/2Tur8Z6


committed: 360 wheel

The long lasting cycle of millennial engagement with TV content by the VAB.

week ending December 7th


what the grown-ups think about tv

“What the Grown-Ups Think” – a great recap of GroupM’s State of Video Report


2019 golden globe nominations: the complete list

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg to host 2019 Golden Globes – check out all the nominees here

assigning tv credit: a practical guide to attribution

The evolution of TV attribution (VAB)

week ending November 30th

don’t do that! mistakes for marketers to avoid

Don’t do that! Les Binet on Mistakes Marketers should avoid (like price promotions)


tech giants are gobbling up tv ads: thinktv’s Baehr

Laura Baehr on the power of TV advertising: “The digital players are our best case studies” (VIDEO)


peoples jewellers organizes an on-air proposal

Hockey, romance, and a great TV execution:

week ending November 23rd


context is king when it comes to tv and youtube

thinktv Australia emphasises the importance of context when comparing TV and YouTube metrics

media, marketing & disruption videos

Peter Field’s “Effectiveness in Context” & Brainsights’ “Culture, Brains & Ads” presentation videos are now up on our website:


Mark Ritson: Gary Vaynerchuk is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong about media

Mark Ritson details what Gary Vaynerchuk gets wrong about the value of TV and social media


world tv day 2018

an updated Global TV Deck was released by the Global TV Group on World TV Day (Nov 21)

week ending November 9th


will all these effectiveness studies be effective?

Several recent effectiveness studies reiterate the same finding: there is too much focus on short-term returns and not enough on long term brand building.


digital disruptors turn to tv for extra lift: VAB’s Cunningham

Disruptors like Wayfair are using TV to drive massive scale and sales increases.


live tv satisfies viewers’ needs more than other media, study finds

Why do we watch TV? Netflix? YouTube? MTM explores the 8 “need states” of video viewing in “The Age of Television” study.

week ending November 2nd

efficiency versus effectiveness: why marketers need to move beyond ROI

Why marketers need to move beyond ROI (hint: it’s not always scalable so can ultimately limit growth) – VIDEO


consumers believe brands intentionally place ads next to unsafe content, study says

“The (negative) consumer effect of placing ads beside unsafe content” – RESEARCH


media numbers we find interesting

Media Numbers we Find Interesting (did you know that 26.5 million Canadians tuned in to the 2018 FIFA World Cup?!)

week ending October 26th


media, marketing & disruption

Last week thinktv hosted Media, Marketing & Disruption: Check out the presentations on our website (videos coming soon!)


week ending October 19th


10 lessons all marketers should take from Direct Line’s brand strategy

Mark Ritson’s 10 key lessons on campaign effectiveness


the outsider’s view of marketing effectiveness

Marketing effectiveness comes down to the “relationship between spend, revenue and, ultimately, profitability”


commercial tv broadcasters commit to net billing to improve tv trading

Commercial Broadcasters Unite on Net Billing

week ending October 12th


SkipTheDishes looks to hockey’s primetime audiences

Another online business, SkipTheDishes, chooses TV to launch a (BRILLIANT) new ad campaign


the top 25 women in global television

Women champions in the global tv industry


tv basics

the thinktv “TV Basics” report has been updated and is available on our website

week ending October 5th

not all millennials binge watch tv on streaming services; in fact, most prefer traditional platforms

Millennials have a strong emotional (and time) investment in ad-supported TV content: Emotional connection and social discussion are just some of the reasons that drive millennials to watch TV; VAB report.


tv is on top, digital saturates quickly: Ebiquity’s Campbell

Ebiquity’s Mike Campbell warns that too many companies overestimate the value of digital “I think a lot of marketeers have an overstated view of the importance of some of the digital channels. A lot of people aren’t seeing this stuff.”


Next will see that moving ads from TV to digital is never seamless

The perils of vanity metrics: “If you emphasise vanity metrics such as likes and followers, you can easily lose sight of metrics that show how marketing campaigns and programmes deliver against the overall marketing strategy and business goals such as revenue growth”

week ending September 28th

what we learnt at future tv advertising forum Canada – confidence in tv is returning

The 3 key takeaways from this year’s Future TV Advertising Forum in Canada


a golden age for television advertising

Ebiquity claims that despite the negative headlines, we’re currently in the golden age of TV


Adobe, Placed show how tv ads drive store visits

Dentsu Aegis: TV drove an 8.4% lift in store visitation, translating into a 2.3x return on ad spend

week ending September 21st

ad effectiveness: five lessons from the Godfathers

Les Binet advises that brand building has become MORE important in recent years


VAB Study: Millennial Viewers Attached to TV Programming

Report: millennials are connected to TV shows and their characters, and that emotional attachment is important because “someone who is highly attached is three times more likely to engage with the brand”


the Good Doctor cast takes you behind-the-scenes

Behind the scenes with the Good Doctor!

week ending September 14th

steam whistle makes a big return to tv

Steam Whistle returns to TV after 10 years, and discovers that their TV spot drove their social and digital campaigns as well.



don’t sleep on tv: how television drives outcomes for the mattress & bedding categories

The mattress industry’s TV spend increased by 74% in 2017.



IKEA reuses a classic spot

IKEA revisits its iconic “sad lamp” ad from 2002.


week ending September 7th

short-termism throwing marketing budgets out of whack: Les Binet

Warning for marketers: You’re choosing the wrong mix of brand building and activation (Les Binet)


how we can fix the distraction economy

The Distraction Economy: “We are so busy busking for low-quality attention that we are losing sight of how brands are built – through compelling stories, told well.”


why GoodLife chose to return to tv

Goodlife returns to television, saying “story-driven” ads are the most impactful on TV.

week ending August 24th

video impact: the value of mass marketing compared to targeting

Wondering where to spend your video $’s? New ARF research found that TV is “considerably more powerful regarding sales [and] brand effects” compared to online video.” READ the full report –



how tv advertising bests the tech duopoly for return on investment

Karen Nelson-Field does some excellent Media Math in this article: “The numbers talk. Seeking low-cost reach is a fool’s errand. Advertisers need to stop their obsession with the upfront CPM and think of the long game when buying reach.”



big brands have ‘wasted’ cash on unproven digital advertising, warns Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Brands are wasting money on targeted digital campaigns and making other flawed marketing decisions amid a false belief they are losing out to smaller rivals, a new report has claimed.


week ending August 17th

the future of television is…more television

TV’s ability for reach, brand building, and maintaining that brand is still unrivalled.


VAB says tv ads fuel automaker web traffic

The VAB’s latest study shows the direct correlation between increased tv spend and driving unique web traffic.


big screen and small screen: the impact of mobile video advertising on tv campaigns

“Verification of an ad being viewed is the first step in determining effectiveness.”

week ending August 10th

targeting or mass marketing? the answer is both

Ritson urges marketers everywhere to create business plans that include a healthy balance of media channels. “A great brand plan manages to hit short-term sales targets while also funding longer-term brand objectives that focus on brand health metrics.”


the internet bet on advertising. but it got the bet wrong.

The appeal of the internet is its lower price, “but when you’re trying to reach everyone, TV is still cheaper. Oh, and the creative space — the thirty second spot — crushes a 1.7 second blip on Facebook.”


Survey: U.S. Electorate, Burned by Fake News, Trusts TV News More Than Other Sources

Over 70% of people across all demos said they are likely to depend on TV to stay informed for throughout any election cycle.

week ending August 3rd


video advertising has month-long effects

“Memory retention for TV advertising was so strong that its impact on sales after 28 days was greater than Facebook or YouTube could generate at their peak”


the TV set reigns supreme at the top of the “hierarchy of screens”

Viacom’s latest research concluded that TV is still the most preferred screen among all media devices…including millennials.


apple’s ad strategy: no social, no problem

Apple increased their TV spend by 36%, generating 3.3 Billion TV impressions in Q2 alone.

week ending July 27th

it’s pretty simple: make better ads

It’s time to create better ads: “Build the most creative teams to get the best insights and push that creativity for all that it’s worth”


targeted messaging is only one piece of the advertising puzzle

Are we over-relying on technology and ignoring creativity? Rory Sutherland thinks so. In this great opinion piece, he reminds us that targeting is only one piece of the advertising puzzle.


thinktv fast facts

We released new data and updated some of our fast facts this week! Learn more about Reach, Screen Time, Audience viewing habits, and more here: https://buff.ly/2mPp5j0

week ending July 13th


mindshare video: all that glitters in not gold

“Always check Shiny New Objects against scale and marketing truths” -Mindshare


millennials prefer tv viewing to digital media

Millennials continue to choose ad-supported TV over digital media – even in summer.


it’s not the end of advertising – new research shows it’s not just surviving, but thriving 

“TV is a driver of innovation – it drives search and response better than any medium, due in part to the rise of the second screen.”



We updated our “TV Live Viewing & PVR Usage” report with new data – Check it out here.

week ending July 6th


study: FMCG, auto & finance under-invested in TV ad spends

Ebiquity’s latest study found that companies in the FMCG, auto, and finance sectors improve their ROI by shifting more of their media dollars to TV.


do you suffer from ‘screenesthesia’?

With multiple screen options and sizes, it’s important to be aware of where you put your video for the best advertising effectiveness results.


‘something happened’ that led us back to TV

Facebook is using TV to share its message: “It says a lot about the brand’s awareness of the limitations of its own platform that the ad was created specifically for television”