week ending November 2nd

efficiency versus effectiveness: why marketers need to move beyond ROI

Why marketers need to move beyond ROI (hint: it’s not always scalable so can ultimately limit growth) – VIDEO


consumers believe brands intentionally place ads next to unsafe content, study says

“The (negative) consumer effect of placing ads beside unsafe content” – RESEARCH


media numbers we find interesting

Media Numbers we Find Interesting (did you know that 26.5 million Canadians tuned in to the 2018 FIFA World Cup?!)

week ending October 26th 


media, marketing & disruption

Last week thinktv hosted Media, Marketing & Disruption: Check out the presentations on our website (videos coming soon!)


week ending October 19th 


10 lessons all marketers should take from Direct Line’s brand strategy

Mark Ritson’s 10 key lessons on campaign effectiveness


the outsider’s view of marketing effectiveness

Marketing effectiveness comes down to the “relationship between spend, revenue and, ultimately, profitability”


commercial tv broadcasters commit to net billing to improve tv trading

Commercial Broadcasters Unite on Net Billing

week ending October 12th 


SkipTheDishes looks to hockey’s primetime audiences

Another online business, SkipTheDishes, chooses TV to launch a (BRILLIANT) new ad campaign


the top 25 women in global television

Women champions in the global tv industry


tv basics

the thinktv “TV Basics” report has been updated and is available on our website

week ending October 5th 

not all millennials binge watch tv on streaming services; in fact, most prefer traditional platforms

Millennials have a strong emotional (and time) investment in ad-supported TV content: Emotional connection and social discussion are just some of the reasons that drive millennials to watch TV; VAB report.


tv is on top, digital saturates quickly: Ebiquity’s Campbell

Ebiquity’s Mike Campbell warns that too many companies overestimate the value of digital “I think a lot of marketeers have an overstated view of the importance of some of the digital channels. A lot of people aren’t seeing this stuff.”


Next will see that moving ads from TV to digital is never seamless

The perils of vanity metrics: “If you emphasise vanity metrics such as likes and followers, you can easily lose sight of metrics that show how marketing campaigns and programmes deliver against the overall marketing strategy and business goals such as revenue growth”

week ending September 28th

what we learnt at future tv advertising forum Canada – confidence in tv is returning

The 3 key takeaways from this year’s Future TV Advertising Forum in Canada


a golden age for television advertising

Ebiquity claims that despite the negative headlines, we’re currently in the golden age of TV


Adobe, Placed show how tv ads drive store visits

Dentsu Aegis: TV drove an 8.4% lift in store visitation, translating into a 2.3x return on ad spend

week ending September 21st

ad effectiveness: five lessons from the Godfathers

Les Binet advises that brand building has become MORE important in recent years


VAB Study: Millennial Viewers Attached to TV Programming

Report: millennials are connected to TV shows and their characters, and that emotional attachment is important because “someone who is highly attached is three times more likely to engage with the brand”


the Good Doctor cast takes you behind-the-scenes

Behind the scenes with the Good Doctor!

week ending September 14th

steam whistle makes a big return to tv

Steam Whistle returns to TV after 10 years, and discovers that their TV spot drove their social and digital campaigns as well.



don’t sleep on tv: how television drives outcomes for the mattress & bedding categories

The mattress industry’s TV spend increased by 74% in 2017.



IKEA reuses a classic spot

IKEA revisits its iconic “sad lamp” ad from 2002.


week ending September 7th

short-termism throwing marketing budgets out of whack: Les Binet

Warning for marketers: You’re choosing the wrong mix of brand building and activation (Les Binet)


how we can fix the distraction economy

The Distraction Economy: “We are so busy busking for low-quality attention that we are losing sight of how brands are built – through compelling stories, told well.”


why GoodLife chose to return to tv

Goodlife returns to television, saying “story-driven” ads are the most impactful on TV.

week ending August 24th

video impact: the value of mass marketing compared to targeting

Wondering where to spend your video $’s? New ARF research found that TV is “considerably more powerful regarding sales [and] brand effects” compared to online video.” READ the full report –



how tv advertising bests the tech duopoly for return on investment

Karen Nelson-Field does some excellent Media Math in this article: “The numbers talk. Seeking low-cost reach is a fool’s errand. Advertisers need to stop their obsession with the upfront CPM and think of the long game when buying reach.”



big brands have ‘wasted’ cash on unproven digital advertising, warns Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Brands are wasting money on targeted digital campaigns and making other flawed marketing decisions amid a false belief they are losing out to smaller rivals, a new report has claimed.


week ending August 17th

the future of television is…more television

TV’s ability for reach, brand building, and maintaining that brand is still unrivalled.


VAB says tv ads fuel automaker web traffic

The VAB’s latest study shows the direct correlation between increased tv spend and driving unique web traffic.


big screen and small screen: the impact of mobile video advertising on tv campaigns

“Verification of an ad being viewed is the first step in determining effectiveness.”

week ending August 10th

targeting or mass marketing? the answer is both

Ritson urges marketers everywhere to create business plans that include a healthy balance of media channels. “A great brand plan manages to hit short-term sales targets while also funding longer-term brand objectives that focus on brand health metrics.”


the internet bet on advertising. but it got the bet wrong.

The appeal of the internet is its lower price, “but when you’re trying to reach everyone, TV is still cheaper. Oh, and the creative space — the thirty second spot — crushes a 1.7 second blip on Facebook.”


Survey: U.S. Electorate, Burned by Fake News, Trusts TV News More Than Other Sources

Over 70% of people across all demos said they are likely to depend on TV to stay informed for throughout any election cycle.

week ending August 3rd 


video advertising has month-long effects

“Memory retention for TV advertising was so strong that its impact on sales after 28 days was greater than Facebook or YouTube could generate at their peak”


the TV set reigns supreme at the top of the “hierarchy of screens”

Viacom’s latest research concluded that TV is still the most preferred screen among all media devices…including millennials.


apple’s ad strategy: no social, no problem

Apple increased their TV spend by 36%, generating 3.3 Billion TV impressions in Q2 alone.

week ending July 27th

it’s pretty simple: make better ads

It’s time to create better ads: “Build the most creative teams to get the best insights and push that creativity for all that it’s worth”


targeted messaging is only one piece of the advertising puzzle

Are we over-relying on technology and ignoring creativity? Rory Sutherland thinks so. In this great opinion piece, he reminds us that targeting is only one piece of the advertising puzzle.


thinktv fast facts

We released new data and updated some of our fast facts this week! Learn more about Reach, Screen Time, Audience viewing habits, and more here: https://buff.ly/2mPp5j0

week ending July 13th


mindshare video: all that glitters in not gold

“Always check Shiny New Objects against scale and marketing truths” -Mindshare


millennials prefer tv viewing to digital media

Millennials continue to choose ad-supported TV over digital media – even in summer.


it’s not the end of advertising – new research shows it’s not just surviving, but thriving 

“TV is a driver of innovation – it drives search and response better than any medium, due in part to the rise of the second screen.”



We updated our “TV Live Viewing & PVR Usage” report with new data – Check it out here.

week ending July 6th


study: FMCG, auto & finance under-invested in TV ad spends

Ebiquity’s latest study found that companies in the FMCG, auto, and finance sectors improve their ROI by shifting more of their media dollars to TV.


do you suffer from ‘screenesthesia’?

With multiple screen options and sizes, it’s important to be aware of where you put your video for the best advertising effectiveness results.


‘something happened’ that led us back to TV

Facebook is using TV to share its message: “It says a lot about the brand’s awareness of the limitations of its own platform that the ad was created specifically for television”