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In a special presentation for ACA members, Dr. Rachel Kennedy, Associate Director and Dr. Zac Anesbury, Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, shared an overview of the key principles outlined in How Brands Grow, the “manifesto for evidence-based marketing.”

Their extensive research shows that market penetration – not loyalty – is the most critical factor for growth, and that makes reach vehicles like TV essential. Dr. Kennedy highlighted that brands vary tremendously in market share, with large variations in penetration, but vary little in their loyalty metrics (behavioural and attitudinal).

While we weren’t able to share a recording of the presentation as it is proprietary to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, you can download a summary of the seminar here and you can check out our whitepaper summary of How Brands Grow here.

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Associate Director, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Rachel is one of the founding members of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. She has been recognised as one of “Advertising’s Big Thinkers” by the Advertising Association (UK), she ranks globally in the top 1% of advertising researchers and has been awarded a number of prestigious awards (including the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers for paper which best increases understanding of the way in which advertising works). Rachel is a regular speaker on the global stage (e.g. Cannes Lions, ARF and WARC events) and has presented to and worked with many of the world’s biggest brands on implementing evidence-based practice.

Rachel has been involved in a wide variety of market research projects as well as educating thousands of marketers and senior leaders around the world on what marketing science can teach us, and what it means for growth.



Senior Marketing Scientist, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Zachary’s area of expertise is patterns of consumer buying and media consumption behaviour. His research was instrumental in extending the scope of established consumer behaviour laws. Zachary has published in leading marketing journals including the International Journal of Market Research, Journal of Consumer Behaviour and the Journal of Advertising Research. He is currently focusing on how younger consumers buy brands and consume media.

Zachary has conducted research for many sponsors on a local, domestic and international level. The sponsors benefit from the Institute’s core knowledge on how consumers behave via the Laws of Growth and Brand Tracking research projects.