marketing during a crisis

A collection of research tools and expert advice as we navigate these uncertain times:


the drivers of marketing effectiveness – 7 principles of success (Peter Field)

In this insightful and practical presentation, Field presents evidence – featuring some new Canadian data – showing the role brand building plays in driving effectiveness, and the top considerations for marketers when developing a campaign, from building mental availability and engaging emotionally, to the importance of reach and the right media balance.

DECODED: Retail Edition (Rogers Sports & Media)

In this informative webinar Rogers Sports & Media present research that explores both Canadians’ and Advertisers’ attitudes towards holiday shopping, Black Lives Matter, and the brands they love.

the halo effect: TV DRIVES DIGITAL (TVSquared research)

New research finds that TV drives significant digital activity both in the short & long term, and emphasizes the value of advertising during the COVID crisis.

tv in a pandemic: our attitudes & behaviours (IPSOS & thinktv)

Our new report outlines Canadians’ perceptions about television, advertising, and buying behaviour – including attitudes towards trying new brands, and the media that’s most likely to influence them.

media strategies in turbulent times (IPSOS)

Ipsos outline media opportunities during and after the COVID-19 global pandemic (& advise brands to maintain brand equity through media continuity)

what happens if I stop advertising during CV-19? (ThinkTV Australia)

Given the economic impact of CV-19, it’s tempting to cut advertising spend. While that may help to balance the P&L in the short term, it pays to consider the long term implications for your brand.

why it’s important to keep advertising during a downturn (Peter Field)

An excellent overview of the key learning from our Peter Field webinar care of The Message.

all the generic coronavirus ads are a waste of time and budget (Mark Ritson)

There’s probably no reason to ditch your old creative because of coronavirus, but if you do, your new ad needs to be distinctive and avoid the bland clichés brands are currently churning out.

what should ads look like in the time of recession? (Orlando Wood)

Orlando Wood writes about the creative that is resonating most during this crisis, and the 3 questions marketers should ask themselves about advertising now.

maintaining share of voice is key in recessions (WARC)

Maintaining share of voice is critical for advertisers during a recession, both to stay front of mind among consumers in a downturn, and in order to position their brands in an optimal way for the recovery.

everything will change forever after coronavirus…won’t it? (Mark Ritson)

Predictions of fundamental change after Covid-19 are driven by the biased perspectives of those making them – in reality, most things will go back to how they were.

advertising in a recession – long, short or dark? (Peter Field)

Peter Field’s guide to advertising best practice in a recession; April 2020

a marketing guide: what to do in a recession (Byron Sharp)

Bryon Sharp’s top two “Key Actions” are (1) maintain your marketing support (otherwise you’ll have to spend more when the recession ends trying to regain your momentum), and (2) don’t try to price promote.

the best marketers will be upping, not cutting, their budgets (Mark Ritson) 

It may seem like a paradox, but recessionary periods actually provide fertile grounds for marketers to grow their brand’s market share if they’re prepared to think long-term.

what the Coronavirus could mean for the global economy (Harvard Business Review)

Business leaders are asking whether the market drawdown truly signals a recession, how bad a Covid-19 recession would be, what the scenarios are for growth and recovery, and whether there will be any lasting structural impact from the unfolding crisis: HBR responds.

the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on consumer behavior (Numerator)

Numerator provides ongoing analysis of consumer behavior and sentiment in Canada

advertising through a recession (Ebiquity, April 2020)

A detailed and insightful report from Ebiquity. Key takeaway? “Although it is tempting for brands to cut ad spend during a recession, the evidence from recent periods of sustained economic decline suggests that it is a false economy to do so.”

marketing in the time of coronavirus (Mark Ritson – WEBINAR)

In this Marketing Week webinar, Mark Ritson outlines the 2 key weapons marketers have during a recession: brand equity and ad spend.

brands’ behaviour now will affect future consumer buying decisions (Edelman Trust Barometer report)

Consumers want brands to do everything in their power to protect the well-being of their staff and suppliers (90%), and prefer brands take a traditional approach when it comes to communication

tv ads create more positive image of brands than digital, say consumers (GroupM research)

The report, Consumer Trust in Digital Marketing, by GroupM, questioned 14,000 consumers across 23 countries, and uncovered growing concern over digital marketing and the use of personal data that could have important implications for brands.

what can brands do if the coronavirus crisis drags on for months? (Adweek)

Short-term strategies may be in place now, but preparing for the future is essential, too

COVID-19: a right-brain reset for advertisers (Orlando Wood)

In Lemon, Orlando Wood describes an attentional shift that occurred in the early 21st Century, which left its traces in advertising and popular culture, but asks, could COVID-19 be the thing that changes everything?

how media consumption is shaping Canadians’ mindsets (Mindshare)

Canadians are consuming more media than ever, but trust is not evenly distributed.

just 8% of consumers think brands should stop advertising due to the coronavirus outbreak (Kantar research)

Consumers believe staff welfare should be a company’s first priority, while brands also have a role to play in supporting governments and wider society through the crisis.

what happens if I stop advertising? (WARC)

This report looks at the long and short-term consequences of a brand going dark.

Kantar diagnoses consumer response to COVID-19, offers prognosis for brands that don’t (Kantar research)

The world may be sick, but the long-term prognosis for many brands will be uncertain if they don’t respond correctly to the COVID-19 pandemic.

what brands can learn from history (and how this is a little different) (Peter Field)

Peter Field says now is not the time to take the foot off the gas on ad spend.

your advertising survival plan (the Drum)

The Drum offers advice on what advertisers should focus on right now.

advertising in a downturn (IPA research)

Should you advertise in a downturn? Research from the IPA suggests that you should.

marketing in the time of COVID-19 (Mark Ritson)

The coronavirus crisis will test us all, but marketers need to think long-term and keep building their brands, protecting their staff and honouring their values.

consumers expect businesses to step-up and help tackle COVID-19 (WARC)

An overview of consumer trust in business and government to effectively tackle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

how brands should communicate during a global crisis (Strategy)

Meeting demand without appearing opportunistic means going above and beyond and focusing on what would help consumers the most.

marketing your way through a recession (Harvard Business Review)

Brands that increase advertising during a downturn can improve market share and return on investment.

to spend or not to spend? advertising and creative development during COVID-19 and beyond (Marketing, Australia) 

Daren Poole examines whether brands should be slowing down marketing spend during crisis or whether there are long-term advantages for brands to continue business as usual.

coronavirus won’t hurt Corona, it will actually boost sales (Mark Ritson)

Mark Ritson breaks down why the Coronavirus will actually have a positive impact on Corona sales.

brands must have their customer’s backs as coronavirus takes hold (the Drum)

As the spread of Covid-19 is forcing countries to shut down their borders, businesses to drastically alter their operations, and individuals to take dramatic steps to safeguard their health – brands are wondering if they should react and how.

brands may need new positioning in response to COVID-19 (WARC)

Brands may need to shift their positioning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumer attitudes and preferences evolve in line with the changing situation.

how marketers and agencies are trying to strike the right tone in the age of coronavirus (adweek)

Coors Light, Hershey’s, KFC and others have dropped campaigns that could’ve crossed a sensitivity line