the choice factory: behavioural science & effective advertising

On June 9th, we were pleased to welcome Richard Shotton, behavioural science consultant and author of the acclaimed book The Choice Factory.

Behavioural science is an invaluable tool in developing effective advertising because it provides a reliable framework for how consumers behave – not how we think they behave, or how they claim they behave, but evidence-based findings about human behaviour. As Richard says, “Advertising is trying to change the decisions of consumers, and behaviour science is at its heart the science of decision making.


In this presentation Richard delivered 5 key learnings for marketers, including

  • How a life change – including the current global health crisis – puts buying behaviour in flux, presenting an opportunity for marketers
  • Why social proof (the finding that consumers tend to copy others) becomes more pronounced during a crisis
  • How to attract attention & the need to be distinctive
  • Tactics for reducing price sensitivity
  • Why, if you want to change behaviour, making it easy is as important as changing motivation levels

“If brands want to capitalise on the flux they need to create new habits.”

watch the webinar

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Founder, Astroten

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on how to apply findings from behavioural science to advertising.

Richard started his career as a media planner 18 years ago, working on accounts such as Coke, Lexus, and comparethemarket, before specialising in applying behavioural science to business problems.

He is the founder of Astroten, a consultancy that applies behavioural science to marketing.

He regularly runs training sessions with brands, big and small, using insights from behavioural science to help solve their problems.