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Advertising is only worthwhile if it is effective – Peter Field recently declared a “Crisis in Creative Effectiveness” – but Dr. Grace Kite, Economist and Founder of Magic Numbers, says that while advertising effectiveness may have declined in the past, her new research indicates a considerable uptick in return on investment over the last five years.

The ARC Project studied more than 300 (non-award-winning) campaigns totalling £5 billion in advertising spend. Kite discovered that these ‘typical’ campaigns generated an average of £3.80 in revenue for £1 invested (it’s also worth noting that award-winning campaigns are 3X more effective, delivering a ROI of £13.00). And while Kite’s research was conducted in the UK, the marketing insights from the ARC Project are universal.

To attend this fascinating presentation – and get a sneak peek at the advertising effectiveness research Dr. Kite is currently conducting in Canada – register for the webinar today.

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Understanding the Business Impact of Advertising

Following Dr. Kite’s presentation, we are pleased to announce that Shauna Houlton, Director, Consumer Insights at Corus Entertainment, will join us to present “Understanding the Business Impact of Advertising”, a collection of Canadian case studies of DTC brands that used TV and Radio advertising to take their businesses to the next level.

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Founder & Economist, Magic Numbers

With more than 20 years’ experience, Dr. Grace Kite is a business economist who’s worked on more than 120 econometrics projects across all the main advertising buying categories. In each of these categories, she has developed deep knowledge on market trends and the true nature of competition.

Grace is a columnist at marketing week and WARC and a regular speaker on marketing effectiveness. With over 4,000 social media followers, she now appears alongside the likes of Mark Ritson and Les Binet. She believes that knowledge that arises from effectiveness analysis doesn’t get fed back to the people that plan campaigns often enough. Her writing and talks set out to ‘lift the lid’ in a way that normal people can understand.

After earning a PhD in Economics, Grace took on increasingly senior roles at Mindshare, Millward Brown, Holmes & Cook, Mediacom, PHD and OMD. In 2010 she founded the business now known as magic numbers.

Her work has led to twelve IPA Effectiveness award winners plus a Cannes Grand Prix. She was a technical judge for the 2020 IPA awards, and will judge for WARC in 2021.



Director of Consumer Insights, Corus

Shauna has spent the past 20 years turning insights into targeted strategies to address business challenges across a variety of sectors including; not-for-profit, public, media & technology, consumer packaged goods, and financial services. As Consumer Insights Director, Shauna spends her day immersed in better understanding consumer purchase patterns, the impact of context on advertising and how Marketers can best leverage media to drive their business