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the wrong data is costing marketers billions

In this compelling article, the ARF outline the challenges (and problems) with attribution.

We’re currently working with Ipsos on research that evaluates the impact of different touchpoints, but for now read the ARF’s overview of the problems with marketing-mix models, including the fact that “last touch” gets too much credit, that too many companies are relying solely on digital measures, and that cheap inventory is over represented (chasing a low CPM is unlikely to reach the right audience at the right time in the right place – as we expect to prove with our Ipsos research). 

is efficiency killing brands?

“Digital marketing has unleased an obsession with efficiency and short-termism, one that’s trading long-term brand building for short-term ROI.” This Ad Age article dives further into this troubling advertising trend – that includes a too-heavy reliance on targeting – and how it will ultimately hurt long term profit.

See also Peter Field’s presentation on the Dangers of Short-termism

do you suffer from screenesthesia?

Not all screens should be treated equally. With a variety of screen types and a plethora of viewing environments, it’s important to consider context when developing and placing your video ads. We worked with Brainsights to analyze why screen matters in this report [link to our brainsights page], and they have since worked with Strategy & CIBC to break down the relationship of video effectiveness and screen size. Learn more here

study: fmcg, auto, & finance under-invested in tv ad spends

A new study by Ebiquity concluded that the fmcg, auto, and finance industries need to increase their TV media budgets to truly optimise their marketing ROI. The research applied econonometric modelling to 3 years’ of sales and campaign data by 21 advertisers, with a collective spend of over $500 million. Find out more in this article:


See also Nick Manning’s Profit Ability presentation – also based on Ebiquity research – that yielded similar results