newsletter: what every marketer should know about the power of television advertising

March 20, 2024

Our latest Ad Nation research reveals a fascinating insight: Marketers are anything but normal. Their media consumption patterns diverge significantly from those of the average Canadian, shaping widespread misconceptions about media habits. Within the industry, there’s a tendency to downplay television viewership while overestimating the time spent on social media and other online platforms.

We’re here to help you get the facts straight. At you will find comprehensive research reports that delve into the heart of TV consumption and its effectiveness in driving brand success. From understanding the dynamics of attention in advertising to exploring the evolving landscape of media usage, we’ve got you covered.

Unlock the secrets to unparalleled reach, engagement, and impact with TV advertising by reviewing the following six reports.

Power of TV

Dive into the latest edition of our Power of TV report for an in-depth analysis of TV usage and its unmatched effectiveness. Discover why consumers find TV ads to be the most memorable, trustworthy, and influential, and how TV boosts digital sales ROI by 19%.

download Power of TV

Total TV & Streaming Viewership

Despite the proliferation of viewing options, TV remains the undisputed champion in terms of reach and engagement. Explore our report to learn why Total TV viewing time surpasses platforms like YouTube and TikTok, making it the go-to choice for audiences of all ages.

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Spotlight on Quebec

Quebec’s unique market demands special attention. Uncover insights into Francophone viewing habits and preferences, and the profound impact of locally produced content. Available in both French and English.

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Get answers to burning questions about TV consumption trends, including the viewing habits of young audiences and the enduring relevance of live TV. Download our FAQs deck to stay ahead of the curve.

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TV’s Winning Formula 

In an ever-evolving media landscape, TV remains the ultimate advertising powerhouse. Explore the winning formula behind TV’s effectiveness in driving brand success and consumer engagement.

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Reach Your Target With TV

Discover why TV advertising continues to be the cornerstone of successful media plans. Unravel the insights on where Canadians are spending their time and why TV offers unparalleled opportunities to reach them.

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